Ever wish you could spend Christmas at the Weasleys’ burrow or enjoy a festive feast in Hogwarts’ Great Hall? Pottery Barn is making those fantasies more possible than ever. The retailer just released an entire Harry-Potter-themed holiday collection, so now you can spend the Christmas season pretending you’re sipping butterbeer with Harry, Hermione, and Ron (wearing his “R” Christmas sweater, of course).

The Harry Potter Pottery Barn holiday collection includes dinnerware, ornaments, table dressings, pillows, and more. So this holiday season, you can eat chocolate frogs from a golden snitch bowl, drink eggnog from a Gryffindor tumbler, and hang Harry, Heroine, and Ron (and even Draco) ornaments from your Christmas tree. We’re loving this magical collaboration and fully plan on swapping our traditional stockings with velvet Hedwig-embroidered ones this year.

Shop our favorite finds from the Harry Potter Pottery Barn holiday collection below. Happy Christmas, Harry Potter fans.

Harry Potter Hogwarts Holiday Crest Glass Tumblers Set of 4

Credit: Pottery Barn

Clink these glasses full of eggnog with your best mates.

Shop it! $69.50,

Harry Potter Hogwarts Express Ornament

Credit: Pottery Barn

We might not be able to hop on the Hogwarts Express, but we can hang this ornament from our tree and dream of riding the magical train.

Shop it! $16.50,

Harry Potter Garland

Credit: Pottery Barn

Hanging this garland in classic Harry Potter font above our fireplace or on a wall might just transport us straight into one of the books.

Shop it! $49.50,

Harry Potter Christmas Stocking Collection

Credit: Pottery Barn

Watch out—the Slytherin stocking might have coal inside.

Shop it! $39.50,

Harry Potter Hogwarts Crest Holiday Mug

Credit: Pottery Barn

Just imagine you’re sipping hot cocoa from this mug and playing wizard’s chess in the Great Hall.

Shop it! $19.50,

Harry Potter Plush Ornaments

Credit: Pottery Barn

Choose between Harry, Hermione, Ron, and Malfoy ornaments to hang on your tree.

Shop it! $24.50,

Harry Potter Patronus Decorative Mirror

Credit: Pottery Barn

This Patronus mirror doubles as a festive reindeer decoration for guests you host who aren’t Harry Potter fans. (Although, is there such a thing?)

Shop it! $171,

Harry Potter Hogwarts Snowglobe

Credit: Pottery Barn

Can we live inside here?

Shop it! $69,

Harry Potter Golden Snitch String Lights

Credit: Pottery Barn

Light up your home with these glimmering golden snitches.

Shop it! $47.03,

Harry Potter Flying Key Ornament

Credit: Pottery Barn

Okay, this looks exactly like the key Harry catches on his broom and uses to unlock the door in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.

Shop it! $16.50,

Harry Potter I Solemnly Swear Appetizer Plate, Set of 4

Credit: Pottery Barn

I solemnly swear I’m going to eat everything on this plate.

Shop it! $39.50,

Harry Potter Golden Snitch Snack Bowl

Credit: Pottery Barn

This looks almost too pretty to put food inside.

Shop it! $39.50,

Harry Potter Sorting Hat Snack Server

Credit: Pottery Barn

Maybe the sorting hat will direct you to the correct bowl to eat out of. Each is decorated with a house emblem inside.

Shop it! $59.50,

Harry Potter Hogwarts House Napkins, Set of 4

Credit: Pottery Barn

These pretty napkins add a dash of color (and magic) to your dinner table.

Shop it! $48,