Gabriela Herstik
Updated Feb 03, 2017 @ 3:35 pm
Credit: Society6

As Valentine’s Day draws near, those of us who fall into the camp of “single and ready to mingle” are reminded of just how single and ready to mingle we truly are. Commence having our faces glued to anything but social media, where the outpouring of couple-y love becomes too much.

But let’s be real, we’ll still be on our phones. So, we may as well match our case to our heart — dark, fabulous, and perhaps slightly bitter. We’ve rounded up the best phone cases for when your anti-Valentines’ day spirit is on high and you want everyone to know.

1Stella McCartney lips iPhone 6 case, $75, Neiman Marcus

Credit: Neiman Marcus

This phone case screams “I hear you and I don’t want to talk” and “don’t kiss me, I’m wearing black lipstick” in equal measures and we’re all about it. This oversized case is perfect for when you want to make a statement without saying a word. Pair it with an all-black outfit and red lip for extra bad girl vibes. Or commit fully and wear a black pout to match, because nothing is more anti-Valentine’s day than that.

2Bando “I am very busy” iPhone 6 case, $29.50, Selfridges

Credit: Selfridges

Thank god for this case because now you don’t have to waste any time telling someone how you don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day. Instead, you can silently mouth “I’m busy” and point to your phone while you order your Dominos Pizza in peace. There is no downtime for power women, except when we eat pizza or take naps with our pets or you know, generally don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day. Thankfully, this phone case has us covered for any and every excuse to say no to a date, because it really is as simple as “I am very busy.”

3Spell book phone case, $38, Valfre

Credit: Valfre

You don’t have to be a witch to appreciate this case. Nothing screams “I don’t do Valentine’s Day” quiet like a phone case that literally says “guaranteed to make them weep” on it. Pair this piece with an all-black ensemble, yellow-gold accents, and a bright lip to make them cry. Oh, and don’t forget to give anyone who tries to mess with you the stink eye. Extra points if they ask you if you’ll actually cast a spell on them before you do. (Spells are best kept as secrets after all.)

4iPhone 6s case, $28, Society6

Credit: Society6

We love this phone case because sometimes we don’t want to talk to people and we also don’t like to lie. Does that make this the ultimate anti-Valentine’s day phone case? Perhaps. Black, brash, bold, and straight to the point, we appreciate the tenacity of this phone case! You don’t need an excuse to not talk to someone you don’t want to talk to, but now you’ll have this fabulous phone case to do all the talking.

Talk about a relief.

5iPhone 6s case, $28, Society6

Credit: Society6

Praise be, we no longer have to keep telling people how much we dislike them. Instead we’ll let our phone do the talking, with the simple and sweet phrase, “you’re the worst.” Although it is especially appropriate come Valentine’s Day, this phone case can be shown off at any time of the year when you want to remind someone of how you truly feel. Extra points if you dress super sweet just to throw them off.

6iPhone 6 case, $6, Miss Selfridge

Credit: Miss Selfridge

We didn’t know that a phone case could throw down so much truth, but the internet is full of surprises. This bright number is the perfect addition to any single gal’s arsenal. After all, have french fries ever disappointed you? Probably not! But we bet you can’t say the same about a guy. Thankfully, you won’t have to since this case will do the dirty work for you! Accessorize with some bright red lips and a banana, or a ring pop and pizza. And don’t forget to show this baby to everyone in sight come Valentine’s Day.

7Marc Jacobs iPhone 7 case, $45, Revolve

Credit: Revolve

Ah, yes, the the phone case we’ve been missing. The simple-yet-important message that we resonate so deeply with — do not disturb. So, please don’t! And especially do not disturb us on Valentine’s Day, when we’d much rather be at home with Netflix and our pets. Leave it to Marc Jacobs to make the sassy, truth-slinging case we needed in our lives last week.