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Reviewers Say This Cleanser Is a Game-Changer for Cystic Acne

It contains salicylic and glycolic acids for some serious cleansing power.
Tess Garcia
Oct 22, 2020 @ 4:35 pm
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Dermatologists have been singing the praises of salicylic acid for awhile now, so it only makes sense that skincare obsessives would actively seek out products containing the miracle ingredient that works to prevent acne by sloughing off dead skin cells. But the customer-favorite Salicylic Acid Gel Cleanser from Perfect Image does even more than that-in addition to having the benefits of salicylic acid, it also contains glycolic acid, another popular exfoliant that increases collagen production and thereby reduces signs of aging.

By pairing these superstar ingredients, Perfect Image has created a standout cleanser that fights acne and wrinkles on the spot while also preventing them from arising in the future. Those might sound like some pretty expensive promises from a single product, but shoppers say the Salicylic Acid Cleanser delivers, and it's actually just $25.  

Perfect Image Salicylic Acid Gel Cleanser

Salicylic Acid Deep Exfoliating Gel Based Cleanser
Credit: Amazon

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To balance out the intense exfoliating effects of its acidic ingredients, the cleanser is infused with green tea extract that reduces inflammation and prevents damage to skin cells. Perfect Image created the product to prepare the skin for chemical peels, but according to Amazon reviewers, it practically functions as a mini peel on its own. "This is the best face wash I have ever owned," one reviewer wrote. "[It] removes all dead skin and makes my skin look fresh as if I just had a peel done." 

"I have cystic hormonal acne and this product has been a game changer," wrote another reviewer, who recommends using a pea-sized amount daily on acne-prone skin. "It literally speeds up the healing process of the acne and the acne is disappearing." 

Others have gone so far as to ditch in-office procedures after experiencing dramatic results from the cleanser. One person wrote, "Usually I get Botox every four months, but after using this daily I haven't had Botox in 7 months. Over time it really does fade fine lines."

Shop the Perfect Image Salicylic Acid Gel Cleanser now, and check out the rest of the brand's products while you're at it. If they're anywhere near as effective as the cleanser, they're absolutely worth checking out.