Credit: REMY GABALDA/AFP/GettyImages

“Cheers to the freakin’ weekend.” “Is it wine o’clock yet?!” “LEMME BUY YOU A DRANK.” “Let’s open a bottle of wine and figure out our lives.” These are all phrases you hear when in the presence of an apologetic wine lover. Seriously, people who love to drink wine are not bashful about it and by “people” we totally mean “us.”

Hey, don’t hate on the wine-loving lifestyle. Honestly, we’re a pretty chill bunch. All we wanna do is pop the cork (or open the box — we’re not judging) drink and be merry. We enjoy vino however we can get it, whether it’s canned wine (which is actually a thing) or baked into a batch of red wine brownies. And frankly, you are FAR more likely to enjoy our company if you are enjoying our company while drinking wine.

This is how we know from experience that the wine enthusiast in your life will forever be in your debt if you present them with any one of these perfect gifts for wine lovers:


Happy shopping! And be sure to invite us over for a toast when you break in these winning wine gifts.