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Every good season comes to an end, and sadly that’s the case for some of our fave deals at the underwear palace Victoria’s Secret. An article from the Washington Post revealed that there will be no more free panty deals at Victoria’s Secret due to the company’s loss of profits. While many of us want the lacy empire of Victoria’s Secret to do whatever it needs to thrive, we’ll really miss getting coupons in the mail for free panties from Victoria’s Secret. Unfortunately for the company, people coming in the store for free panties haven’t been buying enough VS products to justify continuing the deal.

No one in their right mind is going to pass up a free pair of underwear from the angel-winged queens of decadent lingerie.

What do they expect us to do, pay full price?! This is cruel and unusual (and completely reasonable)!

Apparently, cutting the coupons for free panties isn’t the only big change at Victoria’s Secret, earlier in the summer the brand announced they’d be cutting the bulk of their swimwear in order to focus on the essentials: bras and panties.

It’ll be fun to see the new direction that Victoria’s Secret takes, but we will forever miss getting free panties.

Let’s hope we get new Victoria’s Secret offers in the mail, like free lip glosses or lotions from the brand. One can only dream.