Sundi Rose
Updated Feb 04, 2017 @ 8:58 am
Obama family

I know. We miss the Obamas, too. If only there was some way to keep them close to us at all times. So we could be reminded of those eight short years we had with them.

You’re in luck, Obama-lovers. A new, Obama-inspired fashion line has everything you need to keep hope alive in a troubling time. The line is aptly called “Thank You, Obama” and includes hoodies and tees that will help heal your heart and keep you looking fly.

The Chicago-based designer Joe Freshgoods produced 7 pieces in his line, each cuter than the last. And speaking of cute…

Get a load of Chance The Rapper sporting the “Malia” shirt.


Other pieces include this airbrushed shirt commemorating the President and First Lady’s anniversary. The front says, “Barack ‘n’ Michelle,” and the back says, “Just Married. Mr. & Mrs.” with their wedding date.


You can even get yourself a black tee that mixes a thank you to the President with an homage to Biggie Smalls.


Additionally, most of the merch is under $100, so it’s affordable, too. Freshgoods says the line is a tribute to the former First Family. He writes on his website:

The collection was such a huge hit the site crashed when it first opened. It’s up and running now, and you can get yourself a piece of “Thank You Obama” fashion at the website