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A mouth of full ‘o braces. AC/DC paraphernalia. Hydro Flasks. People throw a lot of money at metal goods. But a metal sex toy?? Well, I did. And according to sex toy guru and pleasure expert Carly S., founder of Dildo or Dildon’t, a lot of other orgasm-seekers do, too. Meet: the Njoy Pure Wand.

You’re probably familiar with soft silicone toys that buzz, pulse, or suck, so I know what you’re thinking: “A metal sex toy!?” Lucky for you, I’ve reached the state of self-isolation where I’ve had plenty of time to reflect on exactly why I love this toy so much. Scroll to read what it is I love about this hefty babe—and why I think it should be your #quarantinebae, too.

What is the Njoy Pure Wand, exactly?

“The Njoy Pure Wand is a cult classic,” says Carly S. “People LOVE this toy,” she says.

At 7.5 inches long and 1.5 pounds, the Pure Wand is a curved, stainless steel dildo. But don’t worry, this dildo looks nothing like a fleshy penis. With two bulbous beads at either end, it looks like an enormous belly button ring.

“Some educators refer to the Pure Wand as an ‘Heirloom Pleasure Product’ because the stainless steam it’s made out of is high-quality enough to outlast us all,” says Carly S.

How to use the Njoy Pure Wand for G-spot stimulation

You might be wondering what the point of a non-vibrating bedmate is considering most sex toys you hear about vibrate. (Or “don’t” hear about a la: This Ultra Quiet Vibrator Is About to Become Your New Best Friend While Social Distancing) The point, well, is more of a spot—specifically the G-spot.

“People with vaginas have a nerve-dense patch of tissue about two inches inside the vagina along their front vaginal wall, behind the pubic bone, that’s known as a G-spot,” explains Carly S. In a toy-free world, you can find this spot by inserting one or two fingers into your vagina, and curving them up toward the front of your body. When you’re aroused, this area will feel rough, kinda like the roof of your mouth. (FYI: The G-spot is just one of four deep vaginal erogenous zones you should check out.)

If you’re someone with a sensitive G-spot (friendly reminder: everyone has different hot spots!), applying firm, consistent pressure to this zone can cause a rush of feel-good sensation, a G-spot orgasm, or even a squirting orgasm, she says. But depending on how much pressure your G-spot needs, doing this by hand can get tiring! Now, IDK about you, but nothing cockblocks my climax quite like a cramp in my forearm.

That’s where the Njoy Pure Wand comes in. “The angle, weight, and curvature of the toy allow you to easily find and apply the needed firm pressure to the pleasure zone, without much work on your end,” says Carly S.

And fam, let me tell you, that is tried and true. Like, G-spot-orgasm-in-under-three-minutes true.

What Else Can You Do with the NjoyPure Wand?

Pffft—don’t insult the Pure Wand. She’s no one-hit wonder!

Even if G-spot stimulation isn’t your jam, this babe can still feel ahhmazing internally. The bulbs are slightly different sizes—one is an inch wide, the other is an inch and a half wide. So, if you like feeling full AF, go big-end first.

Or, plop this baby in the freezer for an hour. Then, apply a thick layer of GoLove CBD Lube to your bits and use the smaller side to engage in a little solo temperature play.

Oh, and you can also put this babe in your butt. “The curved shape helps anchor the toy outside your body, which means it’s completely safe for anal play,” says Carly S. “The wall between the anus and the vagina is so thin that many people are able to experience G-spot orgasms through backdoor stimulation.”

Best part? Because stainless steel is a non-porous material, in the instance that you do get a lil fecal residue on the toy (hey, it happens), you can rinse it right off with (fragrance-free) soap and water and she’s good as new. (PS: All toys you put in your butt should be non-porous like the Pure Wand, or these other sexpert-recommended anal sex toys.)

Beyond its functionality as a sex tool, “the toy can also be used as a trigger point massager,” according to Carly S. Hold onto the end and toss the toy behind your back to muscle out your tension knots. (Looking for another toy that doubles as a back massager? Check out the Le Wand).

Why Now Is the Perfect Time to Try the Njoy Pure Wand

For starters, at this moment in time, everyone’s life could use a little more pleasure and a little less stress. And masturbation has literally been found (by science and also through my personal exploration) to reduce stress.

Most people have a go-to masturbation technique and/or toy—but with all the time most of us now have on our hands, why not experiment with something new? “Exploring new sensations gives us more information about what feels good, and what feels not-so-good, which we can use to enhance our solo, partnered and multi-partnered sex lives,” says Carly S. Basically, that means that even if you and your boo aren’t isolating together, you can use this time to improve your sex life. Experimenting today=more orgasms post-pandemic.

Besides, the best-case scenario is you that discover the pleasure-potential of your G-spot! Or you ejaculate! Or you learn you love temperature play!

And the worst-case scenario? Well, you dropped $150 dollars—yes, *sigh,* this babe falls on the pricier side of things—on a very nice back massager.

But the Pure Wand didn’t earn its title as “My Quarantine Bae” or “a Cult Classic” for nothing. So the odds you don’t fall head-over-orgasm for this sex toy too are pretty damn slim.

NJoy Pure Wand

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