Rachel Charlene Lewis
February 09, 2017 3:24 pm
Neon Moon

Ever since its launch, Neon Moon has been a favorite of ours. It really isn’t surprising considering that Neon Moon is a feminist lingerie company. Like, hello, dream come true! If you’ve been trying to find the right ~scandalous~ Valentine’s Day gift to surprise your bae with, this is one lingerie set you won’t feel awkward about gifting. It’s not uncomfortable, poorly made, or even hard to wear — it’s just the opposite, aka PERFECTION.

Plus, Neon Moon makes a pretty freakin’ lovely gift to yourself, too. Who doesn’t want to spend a solo Valentine’s Day lounging around in totally beautiful lingerie with a glass of something pretty and sparkly and your fave Netflix binge keeping you company?! Sounds like the perfect v-day to us!

If you’ve never heard of Neon Moon, here’s basically everything you need to know. Their website explains,

And they actually really, truly mean it. The brand, which has 22k followers on Instagram, is totally a favorite of body positive people from all over, and we get it.

If you’re digging them as much as we do, get ready to fangirl, because in honor of Valentine’s Day, they released a whole new set, and it is seriously *so* stunning.

We’d be so, so thrilled to get something like this from our significant others (hint, hint!).

They captioned the artsy video,

The Valentine’s Day set, known as their DOUX set, is an actual work of art. It’s red and scandalous and v-day ready without feeling tacky, and we’re digging those cut-outs!

Neon Moon

This looks so cozy and supportive! Yeah, we’d basically live in this, TBH.

Neon Moon

You can get the DOUX set from Neon Moon for $112 on their website!