Anna Buckley
April 24, 2018 2:23 pm
Anna Buckley / HelloGiggles

My grandmother was notorious for hovering. We’d all be sitting around the dinner table, enjoying the food she’d prepared, when she’d shuffle over from the kitchen and ask, “Does anybody need anything else?” We’d all respond with a chorus of varying responses that essentially added up to, “Please sit down and enjoy. You’ve done so much already.”

As mock-annoyed as my father, aunts, and uncles would seem, this was a beloved routine, a familiar dance we’d rehearse during every family gathering until we lost her. Caring was my grandmother’s love language. It was for similar reasons that when asked what she wanted for Mother’s Day, she’d respond, “Nothing. Just your company.” It’s the same response my mother gives me. But after all she’s done for me, how can I not get something, anything, even just a small token of appreciation for her on Mother’s Day?

If you’re in the same boat, you’re in luck. We’ve rounded up 41 of the best Mother’s Day gifts for moms (be they birth mothers, adopted mothers, mother-figures, what have you) who say they don’t want anything this Mother’s Day.

1Coconut & Rose Body Balm

Roses are red, you love your mom, show your appreciation with this rose body balm.

Buy here for $30.

2Dog-a-Day Dessert Plate

Bonus points if one of these plates looks like the family dog.

Buy here for $14.

3Skyn ICELAND Lip Gel Set

Icelandic beauty is having a moment right now, so why not get your mom in on it?

Buy here for $35.

4Bamboo Folding iPad Stand

Perfect for the mom who needs a place to put her iPad.

Buy here for $24.99.

5Daily Detox Spa Gift Set

Give your mother a gift that keeps on giving, aka a spa treatment she can use again and again.

Buy here for $85.50.

6Follain Candle No. 2

This clean candle makes for a lovely gift.

Buy here for $38.

7Bomb Baby Mini Lip and Face Set

Is your mom a ~cool mom~? We bet she’d appreciate this adorable Fenty sampler.

Buy here for $23.

8JanSport Fanny Pack

Remind your mom of the glorious nineties when she probably wore one of these unironically.

Buy here for $17.

9Reusable Gift Bag

So she can wear her heart on her…shopping bag.

Buy here for $12.

10Motto of the Day Cards

A little less conversation, a little more ~inspiration.~

Buy here for $15.

11Peony & Lavender Candle

We can’t be 100% sure, but we’re pretty sure this candle smells like heaven.

Buy here for $30.

12Origami Foxes Mother’s Day Card

Is this adorable or is this adorable?

Buy here for $4.37+.

13Sunset Bouquet

Let your love for your mom literally bloom before her eyes.

Buy here for $55.

14Custom Stackable Name Ring

So she can carry those she loves with her everywhere.

Buy here for $41.40+.

15City Trinket Dish

A place for all her keepsakes.

Buy here for $16.

16Eucalyptus Wreath – Hearth & Hand™

If your mom loves Fixer Upper, snag her this awesome eucalyptus wreath from Joanna’s line at Target.

Buy here for $34.99.

17Linen Spray

If your mom has trouble sleeping, this might help.

Buy here for $18.

18Cabana Passport Holder

Okay, so you can’t afford to get your mom a tropical getaway, but you can get her a cute passport holder, which is almost as cool…right??

Buy here for $26.

19Home Is Where My Mom Is Mug

Even if you live across state lines, remind your mom that she’s always with you in your heart (and in every mug of morning coffee.)

Buy here for $16.

203×3 Star Frame

Bonus points if you add in her favorite photo of you.

Buy here for $32.

21Personalized Keyring

We’re not tearing up over this gift idea, YOU are.

Buy here for $8.74+.

22Lady Kit-Cat Clock

Perfect for the kitschy mom.

Buy here for $60.

23Home Sweet Home Doormat

Remind her that there’s no place else you’d rather be than at home with her.

Buy here for $19.99.

24Wash and Lotion Duo

Luxury in a bottle. Er, two bottles.

Buy here for $50.

25Irish Whiskey Incense

This scent is both musky and clean, and they burn for SO long.

Buy here for $8.

26Woman of the Year Trophy

This one is pretty self explanatory.

Buy here for $28.

27Wood and Tassel Keychain

These are just really cute.

Buy here for $24.

28Household Kit

Everybody needs a full-scale toolkit.

Buy here for $42.20.

29Yosemite National Park Pine Candle

If your mother is a nature-lover, give her the gift of the scent of the great outdoors, while simultaneously supporting conservational organizations focused on protecting our national parks.

Buy here for $30.

30Measuring Cup Set of 4 – Hearth & Hand™

Treat your mom to these adorable (albeit a bit extra) measuring cups.

Buy here for $9.99.

31STAK Bloom Phone Vase, Earl Grey

If your mom is a tech lover, she’ll adore this phone stand/flower vase combo.

Buy here for $32.

32Face With A View Concentrated Cream

Moisturizing and anti-wrinkling, this face cream is also cruelty-free and free from parabens, phthalate, sulphate, silicone, synthetic fragrance, color, and alcohol.

Buy here for $64.

33Hanging Fruit Pot

Perfect for spring. 🍓

Buy here for $24.

34Mother’s Day Assorted Chocolates

If your mother has a sweet tooth, there’s nothing better than See’s.

Buy here for $21.75+.

35Reed Diffuser

This diffuser is the best way to scent a room without worrying about an open flame.

Buy here for $22.

36Flat Rattan Wall Art – Hearth & Hand™

Your mom can personalize these to her heart’s content.

Buy here for $24.99.

37Soy Blend “The Best Mom” Candle

This candle says it all.

Buy here for $28.

38Sand-colored Crossbody Bag

This crossbody is perfect for spring, and each purchase supports Mar Y Sol artisans in Madagascar.

Buy here for $128.

39Popcorn Maker

Add some pop and pizazz to movie night.

Buy here for $29.

40Hand Blown Figue D’ete Candle

Forget the (luxurious) scent, this handmade candle is gorgeous.

Buy here for $65.

41The Immigrant Cookbook

Featuring recipes from 80 famous immigrant chefs, each purchase of this rad cookbook supports the ACLU Immigrants’ Rights Project.

Buy here for $40.