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While Rory and Lorelai Gilmore of hit TV series Gilmore Girls were (and still are) one of the most iconic mother-daughter duos on television, it would be a crime to not acknowledge Lorelai and Emily Gilmore’s relationship. The polar opposite of the Rory-Lorelai dynamic, Lorelai and Emily’s relationship is a more nuanced, realistic representation of many contemporary mother-daughter relationships.

Emily Gilmore is introduced in the original Gilmore Girls series as Lorelai’s wealthy, overbearing mother. The characters have a strained relationship, which stems from Lorelai’s decision to leave home when she became pregnant at 16. Despite Emily’s autocratic characteristics, she’s easily one of the best characters on the series, not to mention that she undergoes the most illuminating character transformation in the Netflix revival, Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life.

Following the loss of patriarch Richard Gilmore, Lorelai and Emily attempt to work through their emotional baggage in therapy. Dealing with the loss of her husband, Emily comes out on the other side with a renewed sense of self and relationship with her daughter. A surprise to fans everywhere!

In honor of all the complex mother-daughter duos — the Emilys and Lorelais of the world — we compiled the ultimate Mother’s Day gift guide for the Emily to your Lorelai Gilmore. Shop the items below.

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This collection of classic musicals, for quiet nights in

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This royal lipstick trio (that won’t make her look like a vicious trollop)

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These Kate Spade sunglasses, to channel her inner Jackie Onassis

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This floral tea set, for entertaining D.A.R. members

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This stunning Sézane tote, for when she’s shopping for mustache combs and glass apples

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This Rose and Rosé Gift Set, for when she wants to have two glasses of wine at lunch

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This Lancôme set, for overnights at the Dragonfly Inn

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This silk robe, to wear when she’s chastising Pennilyn Lott

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This marble and brass board, which she (or the maid) can use for charcuterie

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This classic book set, to read in her oceanfront home in Nantucket

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These antique brass frames, unfit for much-too-large portraits of Richard Gilmore

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This calming Jo Malone candle, for when Lorelai the First visits

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The ladies of the D.A.R. would so approve.