Lourdes Avila Uribe
November 30, 2016 12:27 pm

If there’s someone that the world can unite their love for, it’s Miss Piggy — she’s crass, hilarious, glamorous, and completely lovable. Alongside Zosia Mamet, she’s the new star of the Kate Spade holiday commercial and it’s a total laugh riot. The commercial is part of Kate Spade’s #missadventure series, a set of online video commercials that lean more towards entertainment than they do towards advertising. They’re beautifully shot and showcase powerful, creative women in their element. Of course Miss Piggy fits right in to that aesthetic, don’t you think?

The commercial begins with Miss Piggy and Zosia getting into an elevator and heading to the same party in an identical outfit. As you can imagine, frenemy chaos ensues!

YouTube / Kate Spade

At first glance, it looks like Miss Piggy’s the one who’s committed the faux pas since Zosia told her she was going to buy that specific dress for that particular party.

Youtube / Kate Spade

Bad form, Piggy!

But lo and behold, the fabulous muppet says they agreed she would be the one wearing the dress to the party!

YouTube / Kate Spade

Who to believe!

Not even Leandra Medine, in the same outfit no less, can appease the situation!

YouTube / Kate Spade

The wittiest of barbs are exchanged with the most wicked digs you could imagine.

YouTube / Kate Spade


But by the time they reach the top, they realize that, like all of us, they’re more alike than they are different!

YouTube / Kate Spade

This vid has everything we love: gorgeous clothes, funny banter, amazing jewelry, accessories, Elizabeth Taylor references — the list goes on and on! Check it out here for yourself:

How cute are they? We love how they are hilarious, well-matched, and all about that crazy glam holiday spirit. Don’t judge us if you catch us watching this every day for the rest of the month!