I remember my first major online shopping fail: I ordered a “one size fits all” oversized sweater, but when it arrived in the mail (roughly the size of a child’s T-shirt) — it was clear that one size did not, in fact, fit all. Perhaps even more tragically (or hilariously?) customers who purchased a certain mesh top from a trendy women’s fashion website are now finding that it’s impossible to get the top over their heads.

Northern Ireland resident Olivia Skuce, who ordered a black mesh top from online retailer Pretty Little Thing, tweeted photos of herself attempting to squeeze her head through an improbably tiny neck hole.

After posting the photos online, it became clear this wasn’t a one-off problem: People were experiencing it all over the world.

Okay, clearly SOMETHING did not go as planned regarding the creation these mesh tops — we promise, your heads are not all too big for your outfits. Collectively, the tweets garnered thousands of retweets and hundreds of individual replies, with fellow customers expressing they encountered the same problem — and twitter users appreciating the hilarity of the situation. false

Buyers of the tiny top aren’t out of luck: It looks like customer service is on the case.

Online shopping, y’all. It happens.