Rachel Paige
Updated Oct 20, 2017 @ 3:28 pm

Life would be so much easier if you could wear the same outfit to work, then out to dinner, and then to wherever you need to go to stop the Big Bad, right? While these activities usually require a costume change (or two), with ThinkGeek’s latest Marvel collection, you can wear the same ensemble to everything — whether it is just casual drinks or if you’re going out to fight Thanos.

ThinkGeek, one of the best places to get all things awesome and pop culture-y, has just dropped a brand new collection themed around some favorite Marvel heroes. While it’s unlikely you’ll ever get the chance to visit Asgard (sorry 😕), you can at least dress as if you’ve spent the weekend there.

The collection includes items for both the ladies and the guys, along with accessories, that will make you feel like you can conquer the galaxy. Or at least handle holding the Infinity Stones.

Asgard Twill Jacket

Credit: ThinkGeek

Thor Hammer Hoodie

Credit: ThinkGeek

Infinity Gauntlet Scarf

Credit: ThinkGeek

Thanos Mineral Wash Relaxed T-Shirt

Credit: ThinkGeek

Worthy of Mjölnir Lace-Up Hoodie

Credit: ThinkGeek

Galactic Guardians of the Galaxy Dress

Credit: ThinkGeek

Marvel Stripe T-Shirt

Credit: ThinkGeek

Avengers Logo Knit Sweater

Credit: ThinkGeek