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Everyone’s “happy place” is different, but there are some happy places that many of us can’t help but to appreciate. One of these is obviously Ikea, the Swedish home decor giant that we could literally live in with no regrets. Have you had their soft serve?! It’s unreal. The only downside with Ikea, or upside, depending on what you like, is that you can only buy Ikea from Ikea… until now.

Because Amazon will be selling Ikea, and we are so hype we could scream from a rooftop.

Technically, you can already buy from Ikea on Amazon, but starting in 2018, Ikea will begin testing an online shopping alternative where you can buy directly from the store instead of third-party sellers, who can knock up the prices. In an interview with Reuters, Chief Executive Torbjorn Loof says,

It should be noted that while Loof didn’t specify which company would be selling Ikea, Reuters reports that Amazon and Alibaba are the most likely to accommodate the Ikea store online.

And if you love Ikea trips, don’t worry. The brick and mortars aren’t going anywhere.