We're stocking up on sports bras, leggings, and more.

Pia Velasco
Jul 10, 2020 @ 11:00 am
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lululemon sale
Credit: Lululemon

We’ve all pined over a trend—think ‘90s jewelry, tie-dyed clothing, or white booties—and been crushed when sky-high prices prevented us from experimenting with the style. With Stylish Steals, we bring you the best weekend sales and deals so you can find affordable versions of the latest trends spotted on the runway, on Instagram, in stores, and on the street. Consider us your new, price-savvy personal shoppers.

Lululemon is undoubtedly one of the most coveted athletic-wear brands out there. Its clothing comes in sleek and modern designs, and its fabrics are designed specifically to enhance your athletic performance and experience. As much as we love the brand, though, we don't love its high price-points, which is why we always have our eyes glued to the sale section. Thankfully, the Lululemon Under $100 Sale is underway right now, and so we're stocking up on our entire wishlist.

The brand doesn't offer sales too often, which is why many of the items are selling out very quickly. We're buying running shorts for the summer, but because these sales don't come frequently, we're also stocking up on jackets and other accessories for our winter runs. From leggings and tanks to ear warmers and bags, here's what we're shopping for right now:

Best bottoms deals at the Lululemon Under $100 Sale:

lululemon leggings sale
Credit: Lululemon

Best tops deals at the Lululemon Under $100 Sale:

lululemon crop sale
Credit: Lululemon

Best accessories deals at the Lululemon Under $100 Sale:

lululemon bag sale