This is not a drill: Lisa Frank debit cards exist

Do you remember how certain banks would give you cute debit card options? Instead of opting for the boring bank logo, you could jazz it up with a Scooby Doo design or array of flowers. Well, that trend is back, and there’s now a Lisa Frank debit card so we can fulfill our childhood dreams of paying for shopping trips with a tiny magical snow leopard.

As with all Lisa Frank designs, the prints for these cards are full-on technicolor psychedelic dreams, and there is a total of 16 prints to choose from. So you truly have enough options to find the perfect card for you.

These aliens look like they’re on a road trip to Coachella.

If you sign up for the single-card Lisa Frank debit card plan, you just pay a monthly $10 maintenance fee. Best part? There are no fees for ATM transactions so long as they’re within the MoneyPass network. Plus, if you sign up for direct deposit with your card, you can receive work payments up to two days early and receive a $15 bonus. Pretty good deal, right?

Let’s look at some of our favorite designs.

These snowy friends.

Courtesy of Lisa Frank

Cuties in Candyland.

Courtesy of Lisa Frank

Lovers in the moonlight.

Courtesy of Lisa Frank

Visions of Bambi.

Courtesy of Lisa Frank

The Polar babies.

Courtesy of Lisa Frank

Under the sea.

Courtesy of Lisa Frank

Psychedelic dalmatians.

Courtesy of Lisa Frank

You can check out all 16 Lisa Frank Debit card designs through and decide which plan is best for you.

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