Thanks to a very successful Kickstarter by Glamour Dolls, Lisa Frank is back in action! Lisa Frank is releasing makeup, but she is also releasing tons of new clothes, too! In a partnership with RageOn!, Lisa has released an entire collection of adult-sized fashion wear that speaks to the child in us. To be honest, we never really grew out of unicorns and rainbows. We don’t think anyone else did either because Lisa Frank adult coloring books are totally a thing now.

You can still find vintage stickers, bags, and trapper-keepers (!!!) on Etsy, but they’ll cost you! We are so wishing that we held on to our backpacks from 7th grade. In honor of Lisa Frank’s birthday today, here are 10 super magical items to celebrate with!

Happy Birthday to the woman who filled our childhood with rainbows, glitter, and animal prints!

Get your wallet ready, you’re gonna wanna snag some of these items!

1Glamour Dolls Angled Contour Brush, $5

Credit: Glamour Dolls

This is one of our favorite brushes, the bristles are soft, and it has cute LF unicorns! You can currently pre-order it.

2Kitten Roses Crop Top, $34.99

Credit: RageOn!

How adorable is this stretchy crop top? We need it right meow.

3Lisa Frank Sticker Booklet, $7.99

Credit: VintageLoser / Etsy

600 stickers mean you can write *so* many old school notes and pass them to your coworkers for nostalgia’s sake.

4Skye White Low Top Shoes, $79.99

Credit: RageOn!

We’re guessing you will feel like flying in these cute shoes.

5Dolphin Heart Tank Top, $44.99

Credit: RageOn!

We suddenly know exactly what is going over our bikini this summer…

6Hunter The Rainbow Leopard Shirt, $20.90

Credit: Hot Topic

We are loving the subtle rainbow Hunter on this black shirt!

7Glamour Dolls Nail Polish Trio, $18

Credit: Glamour Dolls

These unicorn-themed polishes are so cute. We love the horn brush. You can currently pre-order this set.

8Forrest Stripes Leggings, $44.99

Credit: RageOn!

Give your black leggings a break, because these wild ones are so cute!

9Lisa Frank Pin Pack (set of 4), $5

Credit: CounterCultureCustoms / Etsy

These pins are the perfect ’90s addition to any jacket or bag.

10Skye Simple Dress, $59.99

Credit: RageOn!

Forget pastels this spring, we are all about wearing unicorn EVERYTHING.

Make a batch of funfetti cupcakes and put on your best glitter eyeshadow, because Lisa Frank’s birthday is basically a celebration of rainbows!