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From the moment we found out that Zendaya was creating her own clothing line, we were a million types of on board. Like, come on. Zendaya is about as stylish as it gets. She’s always bringing new looks to the table, and her line is sure to be straight up magic. She gave us a sneak-peek at some of what her clothing line, Daya, will offer up, in a couple posts to Instagram. And our favorite new ~lewk~ is by far her killer velvet jumpsuit.

Zendaya posted the most ah-mazing video in her velvet jumpsuit.

She’s actually the most adorable human.

Look how cute she is!

And it’s not the only time she’s rocked TF out of a velvet jumpsuit.

Like this black one.

So dreamy.

And the full look is even better.

Hello, #StyleGoals! What a fashion icon.

And Zendaya is as pumped about launching Daya as we are to see the rest of the collection. On Instagram, she explained,

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Like, heck yes, lady! She’s done so, so well. We’re pumped to see the rest of Daya!