Laser Kitten is THE source for the finest in cute and kitsch, and their latest sticker collection is making our ’90s airbrushed dreams a reality!

Valentine’s Day may have passed, but Laser Kitten is still feeling the love with these adorable stickers. The five new designs evoke those airbrushed t-shirts from the boardwalk (or the county fair) circa 1990.

There’s an ode to Britney, something for the daddy’s girls, and a couple of flaming hearts with roses that would make a biker babe’s day. Of course, it wouldn’t be a Laser Kitten collection without a unicorn jumping through a heart-shaped rainbow!

Laser Kitten is as stoked as we are for these totally dreamy stickers!

Each sticker is made from durable thick vinyl that makes them perfect for double duty as a note card. The stickers will look amazing on your laptop of course, but since they’re made with a UV laminate that will protect against sunlight and water damage you can stick them on your Corvette or Harley!

Daddy’s Girl sticker, $5

Credit: Laser Kitten

Everything the Los Angeles brand puts out has us under its love spell, and this collection is no exception! It seriously reminds us of souvenirs from the carnival or a family beach vacation. Like all iconic and nostalgic items, those shirts were cool, then corny, then cool again. Proving once again that what goes around most certainly comes around.

Hit Me Baby sticker, $5

Credit: Laser Kitten

Burning Love sticker, $5

Credit: Laser Kitten

Love Hurts sticker, $5

Credit: Laser Kitten

I Still Believe sticker, $5

Credit: Laser Kitten

If you can’t pick just one, LK has a four pack for ya!

Airbrushed Sticker 4 pack, $20

Credit: Laser Kitten

Buy these stickers on Laser Kitten’s website for $5 each or $20 for a pack of four!