Bronwyn Isaac
November 17, 2016 12:48 pm
Presley Ann / Getty Images

What you wear underneath your clothes can make all the difference in how you feel throughout the day. Something as simple as a new bra or underwear set can put a spring in your step, which is why we have our eyes on Kylie Jenner’s adorable underwear set that’s surprisingly affordable.

The founder of the ever popular Kylie Cosmetics posted a photo on Instagram on Thursday of herself posing in a new pink underwear set that is both flattering and doesn’t require Jenner-level money.

The matching bra and pantie set comes from the women’s fashion brand Pretty Little Thing and it’s available in a variety of colors!

The pink is a nice frosty choice during the cold winter months.

You can buy the sports bra from Pretty Little Thing for $17.50

Pretty Little Thing

You can also buy matching Knickers from Pretty Little Thing for $17.50.

The color options include a basic gray, pink, black, olive green, and white.

Pretty Little Thing

So basically, this is one of the rare opportunities you can wear the same ensemble as Kylie Jenner for under $40. It looks pretty comfortable as well, and hey, if you really love it you can buy all five colors and wear alternating underwear sets every weekday. Treat yourself!