Bronwyn Isaac
October 21, 2016 5:41 pm

As our cellphones become more tightly strapped as not only a tech accessory, but an extension of our identities, the importance of the iPhone‘s appearance is coming to the forefront. Because really, why shouldn’t our cellphones be as vibrantly styled as our home decor or wardrobe?! Allowing ourselves the luxury of cute phone accessories provides yet another way to brighten up our daily routine.

Plus, upping our charger game is the perfect celebration for anyone who snagged a new iPhone 7! While we’ve known for quite some time that the a smart phone case game is full of cute possibilities, the normal mental image of a phone charger is something dull and purely functional.

While Betsey Johnson is coming out with some kitschy charger designs, there’s also plenty to choose from by other brands.

Here are 12 super cute options to make sure your battery doesn’t get in the red zone!

1. This Back Me Up Neon Pink & Metallic Gold Charger from, $35

2. This Power Trip Florabunda Charger from, $19.20

3. This Back Me Up Metallic Gold Charger from, $18

4. This Power Trip Ticket Stripe in Neon Pink from, $19.20

5. This Back Me Up Metallic Silver Charger from, $18

6. This Pina Pineapple Shaped Power Bank from BUQU, Nordstrom, $29.99


7. This Rubber Ducky Shaped Power Bank/Charger from BUQU, Nordstrom, $29.99


8. This Chubs Piggy Shaped Power Bank/Charger from BUQU, Nordstrom, $29.99


9. This You’ve Got The Power Solar IPhone Charger from Modcloth, $37.99


10. This Know Your Average Charging Cable in Red from Modcloth, $23.99


11. This Knot Your Average Charging Cable in Stripes from Modcloth, $39.99


12. This What Do You Sync Charger in Berry from Modcloth, $5.99


Now you can collect a rainbow-ful of chargers!