Bronwyn Isaac
Updated February 01, 2017

The time is nearing, it is almost here and upon all of the throngs of people patiently waiting. You may be asking yourself — what time is nearing, exactly? Well, we will bequeath you with the knowledge that Katy Perry launches her shoe line in just two weeks, on February 16th. The collaboration between the California Girls hitmaker and the fashion and apparel company Global Brands Group Holding Ltd. will be available to customers just after the Valentine’s Day festivities have subsided.

As we’ve already witnessed through previous lustful sneak peeks of Perry’s shoe line, the upcoming line will feature a range of brightly colored, bold print strappy heels, as well as playful pumps that embody the singer’s personal style.

The promotional images on Instagram are making us impatient for the official release.

This collection will be nothing if not popping with spring colors.

Those straps have a life of their own.

Whatever your color preferences are, Perry has provisions for your needs.

In an interview with Foot Wear News, Mike Normart, the senior director of women’s footwear at Zappos, shared excitement for the line. He said,

If you want to fuel your excitement even more, you can check out the Katy Perry Collection website for updates on the line.