She’s a singer, a mom of two, and an actress. And with all of that going on, she still manages to find time to slay our lives with her fashion every now and then. Who are we talking about, you ask? None other than the fabulous and fashionable Jennifer Lopez, that’s who. From red carpets to even stage costumes, JLo is a force in the clothing department.

The triple threat handed us our lives in a glamorous number to pay James Corden a visit, and we’re dying to get our hands on it. There’s always a catch when fawning over celebrity fashions, however. For one, we can almost always bet that the stylish pieces are far out of our price range. But as it turns out, this particular sparkly gown is a lot more affordable than you would’ve probably guessed!

No, this is totally not a drill. You, too, can channel your inner Jenny from the Block IRL.

Just one look at this stunning frock from JLo’s recent The Late Late Show appearance, and you’ll fall head over heels in love.

Credit: Sonja Flemming/Getty Images

Oh, and was it fierce.

But, you’re in luck!

JLo’s jeweled midi goes is priced at just over $100, and can be grabbed at Meshki Boutique, here!

But this isn’t one purchase to approach sluggishly. The dress only remains on the site in limited sizes, so you may want to act fast! Because we certainly will be.

Who knew that JLo is a sucker for a glamorous bargain, too? This seriously just makes us love her that much more. And just the mere fact that we could possibly be rocking the exact same jeweled dress as this queen is enough to have us doing back flips.

Wait…do you smell that? That’s the whiff of pure joy after scoring some affordable celebrity fashion.