The cutest things in the world are found on Etsy.

Every so often, I get overwhelmed with the number of shops on the cutest website in all of the internet land. I can find anything and everything I have ever dreamed of wanting! If I had all hours in the day to favorite shops and sellers and items on Etsy, I so would (and if I had the money to buy them, I so would do that, as well).

Somedays, though, I do not need a new pair of earrings, or an adorable knit hat, or anything, really, but a picture.

You know that saying is still true, right?

“A picture is worth a thousand words.”

And to someone who uses a thousand words to express one thought, sometimes I have to remind myself of that ol’ saying, and I have to shut my mouth, and stop my fingers from typing, and close my laptop, and leave my phone downstairs, and just look at one woman’s gorgeous work.

Sincerely, Sarah B Photography is the place you should start and end your day. And if you buy something from Sincerely, Sarah B, you can make that happen even easier!

(And if you care about stuff like only buying from sellers that are fantastic people, there is not a sweeter woman in all of the world. Trust me on it!)

Image via Sincerely, Sarah B‘s Etsy shop.