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IKEA indoor gardening collection home decor
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Right in time for spring, IKEA has launched a new collection that lets us enjoy beautiful plants and lots of greenery—without even leaving our homes. Focused on indoor gardening, the BOTANISK collection includes everything from woven plant pots, to hanging planters, to floral embroidered pillows, so even those without a green thumb can add a touch of botanicals to their space. The line was created in collaboration with six social entrepreneurs, and every single item in the collection is handcrafted by 5,600 artisans around the world, including seamstresses in Jordan and weavers in India. Combining modern design and traditional techniques, the new collection also helps to create jobs for thousands of artisans.

“The entire collection is made with people in mind,” says Maria O’Brian, creative leader at IKEA. “We’ve constantly had to consider that these products are made by people and not machines—and therefore think about how to make it fun and rewarding for the artisans to produce the designs we are after,” she explains. And because each piece is handcrafted, IKEA has opted for designs that highlight their handmade nature. From planters that are shaped by hand to hand-embroidered pillows, each item is a little bit different. Here are five of our one-of-a-kind favorites.

1Hanging planters

To turn your home into a lush, plant-filled oasis, incorporate both potted plants that can sit on a side table or stool and hanging plants that maximize vertical space. The new collection includes multiple handcrafted hanging planters, like this one for just $10.

2Handmade ceramic plant pot

Each one of these terracotta pots has a unique look, thanks to the firing process and the hand-formed shapes.

3Botanical embroidered pillows

Designed in collaboration with Indian and Syrian seamstresses, this pillow cover is adorned with hand-embroidered green leaves. If you can’t handle caring for finicky houseplants, this is the next best thing.

4Flatwoven rug

All of the items in the BOTANISK collection are crafted from sustainably sourced, natural materials. For example, this rug is woven in India using leftovers from banana fiber production.

5Woven plant pot

This pretty handwoven plant pot comes in two different sizes—3 1/2-inches and 12 1/2-inches—so it can hold plants big and small. Buy several in both sizes to create a cohesive collection.

This story originally appeared on RealSimple.com by Katie Holdefehr.