Mackenzie Dunn
Updated Sep 18, 2019 @ 1:45 pm
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Ah, the dinner party. You can now experience what’s become arguably one of the funniest and most referenced episodes of The Office with its very own scent, thanks to one creative shop on Etsy. We checked, but it doesn’t come with the smooth sounds of Jan’s former assistant Hunter’s CD.

The candles by seller iheartpopcandles turn your favorite TV characters and moments into scented candles that are perfect for gifting. (We’ve got your Christmas gift list on lockdown.) Each candle is emblazoned with a label that describes the scent as a reference from the show, so TV buffs will go nuts for them. This means that you now can burn a “Serenity by Jan” candle, and you don’t even have to invest $10,000 to be a co-owner of her brand.

Shop these funny candles from some of our favorite shows, give them to your friends, or light one at your next dinner party. Hopefully, it goes better than Michael Scott’s.

Serenity by Jan The Office Candle

“Smells just like frustration, irritation, and anger just poof…going away,” reads the candle description. (IRL, it has a lovely sounding vanilla sandalwood scent.)

McDreamy Grey’s Anatomy Candle

Don’t make us have to pull out the tissues. McDreamy apparently smells like “a fresh Seattle breeze off the ferry boat on a beautiful day to save lives.”

Phoebe Buffay Friends Candle

The best part of the Phoebe candle is its subtitle: “AKA Regina Phalange, AKA Princess Consuela Bananahammock.”

Luke Diner Gilmore Girls Candle

This is the closest we’ll get to that sweet, sweet black coffee Lorelai and Rory loved.

Arya Stark Game of Thrones Candle

If you’re already missing Arya Stark as much as we are, you need this one.

The Bachelor candle

This candle smells like champagne, and that’s something we can really get behind. Light it at your next viewing party.

Damon Salvatore The Vampire Diaries candle

No offense, Stefan fans, but we were Team Damon all the way. (And this candle smells like his leather jacket, plus vanilla cedarwood, so we’re practically transported back to Mystic Falls.)

Is it just us, or do these TV-themed candles make us want to light them and invite people over for awkward games and dancing around the living room?