Credit: Disney

It’s no secret that our love for Disney hasn’t diminished now that we’re no longer kids. We still look forward to the releases of new Disney films and are constantly reliving the classics. We’ve just discovered the most amazing Disney merchandise that has feeling nostalgic AND feeling a sense of anticipation for a new film. That’s right, there’s a Beauty and the Beast comforter that has us feeling so enchanted. Mall staple Hot Topic is selling the magical bedspread in a queen size for a very reasonable $59.92. This means we have to get a set right?

Check out the amazing comforter below:

Credit: Hot Topic

The design on the comforter is the same stained glass design we see at the very beginning of the Beauty and the Beast movie — you know, when the witch curses the Beast, and everything just goes downhill from there (that is, until Belle shows up…). It also shows other scenes from the movie, like the end when Belle and the Beast are living happily ever after, and our hearts are so full.

Credit: Disney

We’re absolutely obsessed with this! Honestly though, it’s such a creative and fun way to relive one of our favorite Disney films. It’s also adding to our excitement for the new Beauty and the Beast live action film, which will ~definitely~ be including some scenes from the comforter.

This comforter is definitely something we’ll be needing to buy for our next Disney princess movie night…and will then live on our bed till the end of time.