Anna Buckley
December 06, 2017 11:11 am

In every friend group, there’s bound to be one (or more) of the homebody variety. You know, the kind of person who’s usually in their apartment with candles lit, buried under a blanket with a book, or playing Animal Crossing Pocket Camp. (No, just me? Oh. Okay.)

Homebodies tend to make their homes into their own personal oasis, with candles, self-care items like face masks and bath bombs, and anything cozy. (Hello, comfy throws and those old sweatpants that are oh-so-soft but hanging on by a thread.)

Not sure what to get your favorite introvert? While books or TV anthologies can be good options, why not treat them to things they wouldn’t normally get themselves, like an adorable personalized book stamp for their library, or some luxurious bath salts they can soak in for hours?

Don’t worry, we’ve got some more ideas for you.

1Coconut Milk Bath Tea Bags

You can literally drink tea while soaking in bath tea. And that’s the real tea.

Buy here for $19.99.

2 Macbook Wood Case – Teak

Help a homebody bring the outdoors inside with this cute, woodsy case.

Buy here for $74.

3Kindred Skincare Co. Body Oil

So luxurious, you’re probably going to want to get yourself a bottle too. (That scent is beyond heavenly.)

Buy here for $50.

4Book Lover Stamps

These stamps are so high-quality and adorably personalized that we can guarantee any book lover would be over the moon over these.

Buy here for $39.95.

5Honest Hazel Eye Gels

The perfect treatment to add to an evening bath soak. (Also great for eliminating under-eye puffiness!)

Buy here for $12.

6Body Wash Infused Buffer

What’s more extra (and soothing) than a soap-infused hand mitt?

Buy here for $25.

7Crystal Hills Organics Bath Salts

What better excuse is there to be alone than a luxurious soak in the tub with these seriously heavenly-scented salts?

Buy here for $44.

8Wild Fig + Cedar Candle

If they’re cooped up indoors often, might as well help them bring some outdoor smells inside.

Buy here for $28.

9Rosy Cheek Fresh Face Mask

I swear by this face mask. Nothing brightens your skin while smelling as pretty as this fresh stuff.

Buy here for $12.95.

10Chunky yarn arm knitting blanket

We can see a homebody cuddled up under this beauty already.

Buy here for $30.57+.

11Marble notebook

With so much alone time to think thoughtful thoughts, why not give them a beautiful place to write them all down in?

Buy here for $10.

12Kristin Ess Reconstructive Moisture Mask + Leave-In Conditioner Set

“Sorry, I can’t make it tonight, I really have to moisturize my hair!

Buy here for $10.

13Reversible Sherpa Robe

Have you ever seen a cozier looking robe?

Buy here for $138.

14Googly Eye Mug

Give them this cute little friend so they’re never really alone when they’re alone.

Buy here for $14.

15Swear Word Coloring Book

The perfect soothing stress reliever for adults.

Buy here for $4.94.

16Succulent Gift Box

If they spend all their time at home, might as well help them decorate it.

Buy here for $20.

17Solar Fireplace Match Jar

What better way to light all their candles than with this glam zodiac-themed match set?

Buy here for $42.

Maybe you’ll never see your homebody friend again after giving all these great gifts, but hey, a homebody’s just gotta homebody sometimes.