28 spellbinding gifts for the witchy woman in your life

Urban Outfitters / Valfre / Hauswitch/ Anna Buckley

It’s here, it’s here, the darkest time of year! For witches, the winter solstice, also known as Yule, falls on December 21st and marks the longest night of the year. This is a time when we plunge into the depths of our souls, going inward in introspection. But not after some celebrating, laying by the yule log (yes, really) and exchanging gifts!  Even if you don’t celebrate Yule, you can still show appreciation for all the bomb witches in your life by treating them to one (or all) of these 28 gifts for the witchy woman in your life. Whether your BFF is a dedicated and practicing witch, or your significant other is slowly starting to open up to their own magick, these gifts will help nudge them in the right direction.

This list includes a little something for everyone. There are tees, candles, art, books and more, all with the goal of connecting your loved one with their own innate wisdom. Since every witches path will look different, it’s safe to say the gifts they receive will too. Start here and then add some of your own pizzazz to really show your favorite mystic how much you love them. So read on for the perfect Yule  or holiday gift for the bewitching babe in your life.

1Bill Crisafi “Atop the Brocken Cloisonné Pin set,” $30

Bill Crisafi

This bewitching pin is perfect for the sorceress in your life. Bill Crisafi’s penchant for gothic art is uncanny and these pins will help light up a leather jacket, cloak, or scarf with some macabre magick.

2Babe Coven “Stay Home Tee,” $28

babe coven
Babe Coven/ Etsy

Perfect for the t-shirt-loving witch in your life who loves nothing more than staying at home and being herself. This Babe Coven tee will look perfect with some jeans or at a coven meeting. Pair with the matching tote for all the vibes.

3Nyxturna “Femme Fatale Patch,” $10

femme fatale
Nyxturna/ Etsy

Nyxturna’s femme fatale patch is ultimate gift for the pastel goth witch in your life. We love this daring image; it’s perfect for adoring a black denim or leather jacket.

4The Hoodwitch “Hoodwitch Love Goddess Tote,” $22

The Hoodwitch
Love is the name of the game, the purpose and the answer. Gift this tote to the goddess in your life to show her how much you love her. Pair with some roses for the ultimate Venusian treat.

5Last Craft Designs “Love Spell Candle,” $17

Candles are in every witches arsenal, and this love spell candle is perfect for the artsy mystic in your life. Add a little bit of rose oil and place on your altar to draw in love. Or just use it as decoration because it really is that pretty!

6Mystic Tribe “Good Witch Tee,” $44

good witch
Mystic Tribe

There is no such thing as too many tees. If you know a good witch, then this shirt is for them. Plus it’s super soft and cozy, which means it’s perfect for almost any occasion.

7The Wild Unknown “Animal Spirit Bundle,” $50

the wild unknown
The Wild Unknown

Witches have an intense bond with nature and all her creatures. This oracle deck will help connect your animal-loving friend to the wisdom of the wild. Plus, the illustrations are beautiful!

8The Flowerchild Bruja “Bruja Tool Kit,” $55

The Flowerchild Bruja

Also known as the “Witch 101 Starter Kit,” this tool kit comes with everything you need to get your witch on. With two different kinds of smudges, a candle, shells, crystals and more, all in a hand-carved wooden box, this is perfect for the witch who doesn’t know where to start.

9Killstar “Witch Backpack,” $69

Sometimes we just want people to know who we are, okay?! This backpack says it all so you don’t have to. Slip a tarot deck or book into this for extra gift points.

10Valfre “Spell Book Journal,” $20


Perfect for use as a grimoire,  your witch can record all her spells, rituals, insights and more in this cute little notebook. The embroidered cover adds just the right amount of flair, and it’s even “guaranteed to make them weep.”

11November Sage Apothecary Broadstreet “Protection + Intention Smudge Kit,” $24

November Sage Apothecary

Smudging is the act of burning herbs to help clear negative and stagnant energy. This smudge kit features herbs like cedar, sweetgrass, sage and rose to help protect a space. Perfect for anyone who needs some help clearing the bullshit from their lives.

12Hauswitch “Witches Candle,” $20

witches candle

When we say witches love candles, we mean it! This vetiver, smoke and spruce one is reminiscent of the forest, and even has the most gorgeous illustrated label. Pair with some cool matches to really get the point across.

13Poison Apple Printshop “The Hedge Witch’s Herbal Grimoire, Second Edition,” $39

Poison Apple Printshop

The grimoire comes with everything a witch needs to start on a path of herbalism. Perfect for anyone with a green thumb or a knack and penchant for cooking. These illustrations are to die for.

14Light Witch “Threads of Fate Art Print,” $54.99

Redbubble/ Courtney Brooke

Courtney Brooke’s photography transports us to a realm far, far away. This art print is striking with its reenactment of the three fates, and is sure to stir the soul of your favorite witchy woman.

15Everyday Magic River Takada-Capel “2018 Lunar Calendar,” $15

Everyday Magic

One thing witches love more than candles? The Moon! We live by her ebb and flow. Thankfully, this calendar is perfect for keeping track of her many phases.

16Urban Outfitters “Golden Universal Tarot Card Deck,” $25.95

urban outfitters tarot
Urban Outfitters

There’s a myth that you shouldn’t buy your own tarot deck, but we disagree. Whether you’re buying this golden universal deck for yourself or a loved one, the classic imagery with the rich baroque accents are sure to light up your intuition.

17Witch: Unleashed, Untamed, Unapologetic by Lisa Lister $10.87


For anyone looking to learn more about witchcraft, Witch is the perfect place to start. With history, spells, rituals and more, this book is sure to ignite the cauldron of any seeker’s soul.

Redbubble/ Light Witch

18Hauswitch “Hex the Patriarchy Tot,” $25


This tote says it all! Perfect for storing all the ingredients necessary to bind Trump and his whole cabinet. Your favorite feminist needs this baby STAT.

19Burial Ground “Zodiac Cone Incense Kit,” $30

Brutal Ground

Not only are these incense hand-rolled, but they’re made specifically for each zodiac sign. They also come with an adorable illustration of the sign, perfect for the astrology-obsessed witch you love.

20Dolls Kill Poco Uni “Gold Moon and Stars Card Holder,” $18

Dolls Kill

Whether or not you place a financial abundance charm on this baby is unnecessary. Your main witch will be attracting abundance because there’s no way to be angry when you spend money with this wallet.With tiny stars and moons dancing against a black background, this is as cute as the night sky.

21Lust Cult “Devil Print,” $35

Lust Cult

Natalee Miller’s rendition of The Devil card is perfect for the sultry vixen or kinky witch in your life. Choose from a poster size or an 8×10 to help bring in some indulgent energy into any space.

22Ludlow Luna “Maiden Mother Crone Triple Goddess Necklace,” $48

goddess necklace
Ludlow Luna

The three phases of the divine feminine are represented in this necklace by the two crescent moons and the full moon. Help your loved one channel the maiden, mother and crone with this striking gold piece.

23Basic Witches: How to Summon Success, Banish Drama, and Raise Hell with Your Coven by Jaya Saxena and Jess Zimmerman $11.58


For the witch looking to trample the patriarchy with some magick, Basic Witches is the perfect introduction for the witch who’s interested in magick that may not know where to start. Share it with your coven to really get things going.

24Witchsy The Foil Family “Sassy pencils 2,” $12.95


These sassy pencils go great with a grimoire, or make a statement on their own. These don’t take themselves too seriously, and are a great reminder that being a witch (and a human in general) is supposed to be FUN.

25Witchsy Band of Weirdos “Best Witches Necklace Set,” $26


The perfect necklace to give to your best witch. This simple piece with gold accents lets everyone, especially your best friend, know what’s up. Coven goals for real!

26Mercury Hour “The Lovers Tarot Ring,” $90

tarot ring
Mercury Hour

Help your fave channel their inner love witch with this ring. Modeled after the classic Lovers tarot card, this piece is sure to attract love and look stunning while it does so.

27Kat Von D “Alchemist Holographic Palette,” $32

Kat Von Dee

Every witch needs a good highlighter, and we’re particularly fond of Kat Von D’s Alchemist Palette. Each shade is named after a crystal, and goes on holographic and shimmering. It’ll put the finishing touches on a mesmerizing look.

28The Wing Spellbook, $35

Courtesy of The Wing

This spellbook from our favorite female HQ is a great gift for any witch.

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