Johnni Macke
Updated Jan 10, 2017 @ 4:09 pm
Credit: Touchstone Pictures

We know you’re probably trying to pinch pennies post Christmas shopping, but buying new items doesn’t have to be expensive. Here’s what you should be buying in January because certain items are way cheaper this month!

Okay, we know you don’t necessarily need to go out and purchase more items, but shopping is fun. Sometimes it might not seem like fun, but if done right shopping can be totally rewarding.

According to Flipp’s savings expert, Lisa Lee Freeman (Flipp is an app designed to give you weekly savings updates), there are specific items that you can buy each month that are totally cheap — or major bargains. Since it’s the beginning of the month we’ve rounded up the best buys for January…you’re welcome.

Here are the best deals in January!

White sheets and towels

“White sales” are everywhere this month. There are deals on sheets, towels and other home fabric goods, you just have to look for them. If you don’t want to search far and wide, JC Penny’s has a serious “white sale” on now.

Citrus Everything

Yay, this is wonderful fruit news! Because January and February are peak times for citrus fruits like, oranges, clementines, Meyer lemons and more, the prices drop tremendously.

Winter Veggies

The experts at Flipp recommend buying seasonal for the best prices and qualities on all produce. Winter veggies include, cabbage, cauliflower, beets and turnips, so plan your dinner menus accordingly.


Now that the new year has officially begun, you can get major deals on 2017 calendars and agendas. You probably forgot to buy your new one anyways, so get it now for a possible 50 percent off at some stores.

Dress Attire

Need a fancy suit or blouse for work? This is your month to buy it! The app revealed that clothing stores try and get rid of “work” clothes to make way for spring styles this month, which means you should stock up on suits and slacks this month.

What do you think about these deals? Are you ready to shop this month?