Claire Harmeyer
December 12, 2019 1:42 pm
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Happy Christmas, Potterheads! While we admittedly binge the Harry Potter movies all year long, there’s something about the holiday season that really gets us into a magical mood. Whether it’s imagining strolling through the whimsical village of Hogsmede or feasting in the Great Hall decked out in lights, we’ve got Harry on our mind during the Christmas season.

If you’re looking for stocking stuffers or have a secret Santa gift exchange coming up, you can’t go wrong with some Harry Potter-themed presents. Any Potterhead will rejoice when they pull a wand out of their stocking or unwrap a golden snitch keychain. We’re here to make your holiday shopping easier, wizard-style, so we rounded up 19 of the best Harry Potter Christmas gifts below.

1Harry Potter Light Painting Wand

Ever wished you could shoot spells from your own magical wand? Mission accomplished. We see some duels in your future.

Shop it! $35,

2Book Lover “Christmas in the Great Hall” Candle


If you can’t transport someone to the Great Hall for dinner, allow them to imagine they’re feasting beside Hagrid with this affordable candle.

Shop it! $6.75,

3Harry Potter Golden Snitch Pewter Key Ring


Your friend can carry the golden snitch with them wherever they go with this keychain.

Shop it! $6.95,

4Hallmark Christmas Ornament Harry Potter


An adorable oversized Harry Potter head is definitely a soon-to-be favorite ornament of whomever you give it to.

Shop it! $8.99,

5Harry Potter Glasses Ring Wrap

Alex and Ani

Could this little nod to Harry be any cuter? We’d personally never take this ring off if we received it in our stocking.

Shop it! $14 (orig. $28),

6Harry Potter Golden Egg Trinket Box


Any HP fan will recognize this golden egg from The Goblet of Fire. Who could forget the bath scene when Moaning Murtle sneaks a peek at Harry through the bubbles? This smaller dupe is perfect for holding jewelry or coins.

Shop it! $29.99,

7Mattel Games Uno Harry Potter Card Game


Bring back the classic UNO game, Harry Potter-style, this Christmas season.

Shop it! $5.69,

8Harry Potter Golden Snitch Drone

Urban Outfitters

How cool is this flying snitch? We could have some really magical fun with this stocking stuffer.

Shop it! $35,

9Espresso Patronum Starbucks Themed Ceramic Mug


We’ll never be able to be “expecto patronum” the same way again.

Shop it! $22.50,

10Wire Harry Potter Journal Clip Set


For the book lover and Harry Potter fan in your life, these journal or book clips are the perfect storm.

Shop it! $22.99,

11Harry Potter Bertie Bott Beans

Williams Sonoma

You don’t have to go all the way to Diagon Alley for these beans. If you sneak a handful, hopefully you don’t get stuck with troll boogie-flavored.

Shop it! $14.95,

12Insight Editions Harry Potter Hogwarts Houses Glass Votive Candles


Slip one of these candles into each stocking this year—just make sure you choose the right house for everyone!

Shop it! $24.99,

13Harry Potter Wingardium Leviosa Kit

Urban Outfitters

This could make for some seriously magical photos. Just be sure to say “leviosa” in Hermione’s voice.

Shop it! $20,

14Harry Potter House headbands


We can totally picture our friends rocking these Harry Potter house headbands at school after Christmas.

Shop it! $11.99,

15Acceptance Letter School of Witchcraft and Wizardry Personalized


What better gift could you give a Harry Potter fan than a personalized acceptance letter to Hogwarts? This stocking stuffer is worth more than any big-ticket item on a wishlist.

Shop it! $18.69,

16The Noble Collection Bendable and Posable Debby


As one of the most beloved characters in the Harry Potter series, a Dobby gift is a sure winner—especially when you can switch up his poses.

Shop it! $9.95,

17Dobby Is Free Knitted Socks


These socks represent one of the most iconic moments in the early Harry Potter films. Stick it to Lucious Malfoy, Dobby.

Shop it! $5.99,

18Harry Potter House Crest Stripe Necktie


There’s no better way to pretend you’re a Hogwarts student than wearing your house crest on a tie.

Shop it! $15,

19Funko POP Movies: Harry Potter Action Figure


Any Harry Potter fan would love setting this action figure on their desk. Collect all of the characters for a mini Harry Potter reunion.

Shop it! $10.99,

You don’t have to go big in size or price for major magic with Harry Potter stocking stuffers.