For some kids, going back to school is anything but magical. But if you’re headed to Hogwarts, we imagine that back-to-school shopping season is a total thrill. Now, thanks to BoxLunch’s new Harry Potter-themed “Back to Hogwarts” collection, we can all experience this type of academic magic — Potter-style.

As of right now, most items in the “Back to Hogwarts” collection are on sale. To sweeten the deal, for every $10 spent on a BoxLunch item, the company donates a meal to a person in need through their partnership with Feeding America. It’s a win-win for everyone.

We’ve picked out some of our favorite pieces from the “Back to Hogwarts” assortment to give you style inspiration. Accio, clothing and accessories!

1Platform 9 3/4 Strapback Hat ($18.32)

Credit: BoxLunch

Before you meet all your buddies at the train station, don your Platform 9 3/4 baseball cap so you don’t forget where you’re going. Better yet, get all your friends to buy this hat so it’s easier to find each other once you pass through the wall.

2Herbology Womens Top ($39.12)

Credit: BoxLunch

If you’re a Harry Potter fan, but not the type to be showy about your fandom, check out this Herbology top. It’s perfect for a witch disguising herself in the Muggle world.

3Hogwarts House Windbreaker ($47.92)

Credit: BoxLunch

Or if you’re proud of your fangirl or fanboy tendencies, check out these Hogwarts House Windbreakers. Available for those belonging in any of the four houses, these lightweight jackets will keep you dry and looking cool.

4Hogwarts 21-inch Luggage ($119.92)

Credit: BoxLunch

Tired of your boring old suitcase and looking for something with more personality? This patched-up Hogwarts case might be right up your Diagon Alley. Show up to your new dorm looking like a magical traveler and new friends will flock to you.

5Hogwarts House Sketch T-Shirt ($23.12)

Credit: BoxLunch

Another understated yet artsy option to show your house pride is wearing one of these sketch T-shirts. Each shirt comes in your house colors and features a unique design portraying your Hogwarts house. It’s like band tee-meets-vintage college tee and we love it.

Make sure to check out the entire selection of Harry Potter merchandise available on BoxLunch. There are so many accessories, home decor, and clothing items to filter through as you fill your virtual cart. Most importantly, buying from BoxLunch means you’re helping someone in need — something any Gryffindor would be proud of.