Johnni Macke
December 05, 2016 3:34 pm
Sonix, Draper James, Nordstrom, Sugarfina

Wine if you want to, wine around the world!

It’s December, which means it’s time to start buying all your friends and family incredible gifts, but what should you get the wine-lover in your life? We’ve got the perfect gift guide for the wino you love here, and there is something for everyone’s budget.

All you need is a tasty bottle of wine, maybe some cheese and your credit card and you’re sure to find a gift here that you (we know this is secretly a gift-buying list for you) or your wino BFF will love forever. Cheers!

Oh My Stars Wine Glasses

Really, like we need to explain why these are a must-buy item for wine fans? We didn’t think so! These gorgeous Draper James stemless wine glasses are fabulous. They are $38 and we want them ASAP. Now if only they came in more colors, then they’d be perfect.

Draper James

Holiday Wine Bag

Need an easy gift for the hostess of your next holiday party, or a cute addition to a nice bottle of wine? This is the perfect solution. You can grab this pretty pink wine bag at Urban Outfitters for $8 and what’s even better is you get another black wine bag as a part of the deal.

Urban Outfitters

Recycled Wine Bottle Candles

These are so amazing! Thanks to Etsy, you can now smell wine throughout your house at any time you want. These wine candles are made from recycled wine bottles and even come with a cork charm. Buy yours for $11 and pick your favorite wine flavor for the scent!


Wine Not iPhone Case

So this is one of the best phone covers we’ve ever seen. If you have an iPhone 7 or 7s you too can show off your love of wine and champagne anytime you text or answer the phone. This simple and chic case by Sonix is a Nordstrom exclusive and costs $35.


On Wednesdays We Drink Wine Tee

Calling all Mean Girls fans, this one’s for you! You can pay homage to the cult classic film and your love of wine with this sassy “On Wednesdays We Drink Wine” shirt on Nylon for $34 at the same time, which is really the best of both worlds.


Wine Money Canvas Tote

Every serious wino needs a place to keep their wine-specific money, so why not make it a cute tote? This Bow & Drape “Wine $” pouch is big enough to keep any amount of money in, but isn’t too big that someone could easily see it if it’s hidden in your room for wine emergencies. You can get it at Nordstrom for $34.


Sparkling Wine Making Kit

This is the ultimate gift for wine lovers everywhere. Anyone can buy a bottle of wine, but it’s way more fun to make it yourself! This Brooklyn Brew Shop Bubbly sparkling wine making kit is $70 and makes for a fun night in to drink and be merry with all the wine lovers you know.


Bring Me A Glass Of Wine Socks

What’s better than drinking wine on your couch? Drinking wine with comfy socks on, that’s what! These cozy socks are available on Etsy and they are hilarious. Plus, they would be perfect for cold winter nights while sipping red wine and watching Christmas movies on Hallmark. PS: They’re only $12.


Wine Bottle Wind Chime

These cool art pieces take one’s love of wine to the next level. Instead of just drinking wine, you can use bottles to decorate your garden or patio. You can buy one of these colorful wine bottle chimes on Etsy for $20. With such a great price you might as well get a few, then your whole yard will be filled with color and lovely chiming sounds.


Wino Button

Wine lovers should shout their obsession from the rooftops, but if your BFF isn’t a vocal type, this wino button will do the job. It’s only $4 from Nylon and it’s just so cute…cute as a button as a matter of fact.


Wine & Cheese Tote

We are in love with this sophisticated wine and cheese tote by Picnic Time. It’s plaid interior is SO chic and it’s very functional. You can add a bottle of wine and your favorite cheese to the tote for the perfect gift for any wino. It’s available at Nordstrom for $70 and has room for a cheese board, wine opener and any other materials you’d need for a wine outing.


Wine Pairing Towel Set

If you’ve ever wanted to know just what bottle of wine to drink with your specific meal, these towels are the answer. Each towel has 68 popular wines and 56 different foods on them for a very thorough pairings guide. You can get the set at Uncommon Goods for $28, and then start trying as many pairings as possible!

Uncommon Goods

Wine, Bachelor & Yoga Pants Tank

It’s Bachelorette approved! Wine and the Bachelor go together seamlessly, so this tank is an ideal gift for the girl who can’t help but tune in season after season to the dating show, loves wine and of course rocks yoga pants on the regular. Oh, and it’s only $25 on Etsy.


Rose All Day Candy Box

Ah, candy that tastes like rose, sign us up! Sugarfina’s “Rose all day” bento box comes with two different candies for $20. One is the “But First Rosé Roses” box which is pink rosettes infused with Whispering Angel Rosé. The second is “Rosé All Day Bears,” which are rosé-infused gummy bears that are very tasty.


Honeycomb Wine Holder

Every wine girl needs a pretty wine holder and this chic honeycomb holder from Anthropologie is just that. It’s an online exclusive, costing $48, and it’s both modern and fashionable for any room in your house. Plus, it holds six bottles at one time.


On Cloud Wine Stemless Glass

How cute is this wine glass? We know that it’s only one glass, and you’d really want two, but it’s just so beautiful. The “On Cloud Wine” glass is by Slant Collection and comes in a few different prints and sayings at Nordstrom for $12.


Cheers Wine Tag Set

There is nothing wrong with buying someone a nice bottle of wine, even if they aren’t a total wino. We would however, advise you to top it off with a pretty wine tag like this one from Anthropologie. The set comes with four tags and is $8. It’ll take your wine gift to the next level, trust us.


Wine Glass Ornament

No matter what you buy the wine lovers in your life, you should finish it with this tiny wine glass ornament. It’s so freaking cute and it looks like there is real wine in the glass, which is fun. It’s available at Urban Outfitters for $14.

Urban Outfitters

Well there you have it winos and wine lovers alike, your complete gift guide for anyone and everyone who loves wine.

Now all you need to do is crack open a bottle of your favorite wine and start buying these gifts for both you and your wine-obsessed friends.