Rachel Charlene Lewis
November 13, 2016 5:39 pm
Old Navy / Forever 21

It’s cold weather season, friends. FINALLY! We thought it was going to be summer forever. As a result, your winter checklist of warm items has to be legit enough to get you through the coldest of winters. Because, think about it. On those days where you just want to ~Netflix and chill~ with your bae (or your squad), you’ll want to be as cuddled as possible. And these super cozy items will help you do just that!

 Whether you’re looking for the perfect fuzzy sweater or a quirky mug for three months straight of red wine hot chocolate (no judgement here!), we’ve got you covered.

1. This Westminster Blanket Scarf ($28)


2. Love on the Brain Faux Fur Jacket ($178)


3. Cozy sherpa hooded coat ($168)


4. Faux-Fur-Lined Trapper Hat for Women ($19)

Old Navy

5. This Patch Graphic Beanie ($8)

Forever 21

6. Faux Fur Oblong Scarf ($18)

Forever 21

7. Faux Suede Shearling Mittens ($13)

Forever 21

8. This Bear Face Beanie ($10)

Forever 21

9. This super fuzzy sweater ($50)

American Eagle

10. These amazingly soft sweater leggings ($40)

American Eagle

11. Sunpentown SPT Mini Tower Ceramic Heater with Fan ($48)


12. This adorable Friends mug ($12)

Urban Outfitters

13. Amped Fleece Throw Blanket ($59)

Urban Outfitters

14. Family Pajamas Reindeer Family Slippers ($15)


15. MUK LUKS Delanie Boot Slipper $45

Urban Outfitters

16. Sea-son to Snuggle USB Foot Warmers ($40)


Happy cuddling! We hope these super cozy items help warm up your winter.