Bronwyn Isaac
October 05, 2016 11:57 am

While we’d no doubt love following the adventures of the conniving Scream Queens sorority sisters no matter what, the Chanels’ impeccable style elevates the show from a delightful dose of campy horror-comedy into a full-fledged work of fashion.

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Unlike the Scream Queens stars, many of us don’t start our days out by getting outfitted by Emmy-winning costume designer Lou Eyrich, but that doesn’t mean we can’t take notes from the fiercely loud styles of our favorite mean-girl squad.

There are countless Scream Queens looks to mimic, but we are loving the fur-trimmed high heels that have appeared on both seasons of the show!

And it’s not just the Chanels — furry heels have been trending, with stars like Kim Kardashian and Gigi Hadid being spotted wearing them.

Let’s go shopping for some Scream Queens-level fur footwear, shall we?!

1. These Feather Ankle Strap Heels from Make Me Chic, $32.90

Make Me Chic

2. These Truffle Collection Helen Furry Ankle Straps, $46.00


3. These Scarlett Stilettos from Steve Madden, $89.95

Steve Madden

4. These Elevation Fur Pink Platforms from YRU, $80


5. These Zapp Black Fur Sneakers from Betsey Johnson, $69

Betsey Johnson

6. These Pink Furbae Heels from Dolls Kill, $66

Dolls Kill

7. These White Leather Bunny Ears & Faux Fur Sneakers from Minna Parikka, $363

Minna Parikka

8. These Fenty Faux Fur Sandals by Rihanna/Puma, $80

9. These Fluffie Faux Fur Sandals from ASOS, $33


10. These Forever Fluffy Slides from Dolls Kill, $30

Dolls Kill

11. Famous Fuzzy Slides from Dolls Kill, $38

Dolls Kill

With all these options in TOE (pun intended so sorry) you’ll be channeling the vibes of the Scream Queens in no time!

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