Stephanie Hallett
Updated Jul 28, 2017 @ 5:18 pm

Like you, we can’t get enough of that ’90s nostalgia. The latest throwback comes courtesy of messenger bag brand Timbuk2, which has created a Froot Loops backpack that will make you feel like you’re sitting on your parents’ couch eating breakfast in your jammies, watching Saturday morning cartoons all over again.

Timbuk2 dreamed up the bag in partnership with industrial designer Alexis de Coninck as part of a millennial-focused merch campaign by Kellogg’s (the cereal maker clearly knows its market). It features a roll-top design, along with padded shoulder straps and tons of internal pockets — and, naturally, it comes with a box of Froot Loops.

Credit: Timbuk2

The bag will be available beginning August 1st here, and retails for $100. Just 100 of these backpacks are being made, so this puppy is super limited-edition.

Coninck told HelloGiggles,

Credit: Timbuk2

Froot Loops nostalgia seems to be everywhere lately.

This Froot Loops scented candle had two HelloGiggles editors swooning.

Credit: Etsy

Get it here for $22.

And Kellogg’s has an entire line of Froot Loops merch available on its website.

Credit: Kellogg's

These vintage stackable bowls are $26.99.

If you’re craving a bit of childhood innocence in these turbulent times, perhaps a new backpack is in your future? You’ll feel like a kid again in so many ways.