Gina Vaynshteyn
October 16, 2017 2:07 pm
Fossil/Anna Buckley

Today, Fossil launches The Curator Series, which features a collab between the watch company and interior designers Amber Lewis (of Amber Interior Design) and Benjamin Vandiver. You’ve probably heard of Fossil. But if you aren’t sure who Amber Lewis or Benjamin Vandiver are, look them up on Instagram now. I’ll wait. Okay, are you back? Don’t you want to just copy and paste those gorgeous images of all-white bathrooms and exposed brick living rooms into your own home?

According to Fossil’s press release, “The Curator Series is a collaborative collection of watches fueled by a creative class of artists, interior designers, innovative icons and Fossil designers. It’s a series that represents the best of what we find in our travels, curated for our (coolest) kin.” So if you’re loving what you see, expect more designs and partnerships in the future. But for now, let’s ooh and ahh over how pretty these watches are.

Here’s the Amber Interiors x Fossil watch:


And Benjamin Vandiver x Fossil:


A couple weeks ago I was invited by Fossil to preview the new watch collab at Olive & June’s nail shop in Beverly Hills. I left with a cute mani and a gorgeous new watch. It’s easy to see how Amber Interiors inspired this particular accessory. The design makes you feel completely put together, yet doesn’t look plain or stuffy like so many “grown-up” watches do. Made with perforated leather that’s a warm shade of cognac, the strap is soft and doesn’t feel too effeminate (but looks great on my thin wrist). A tortoise pattern wraps itself around the dial, giving it a very smart girl feel.

The watch parallels Amber’s interior decor style. See what I mean?

Her style is cozy, cool, and somehow effortless. Going hard on neutrals, Amber’s style is minimalist meets Scandinavian practicality. There’s also a hint of playfulness (just enough — too much would clutter).

You can buy the Fossil x Amber Interiors watch right here for $155. If the black/rose gold Benjamin Vandiver is more your speed, it’s going for the same price here.