Angelica Florio
Updated Sep 03, 2017 @ 12:40 pm

There are two types of people in this world: Those who are most excited for Labor Day Weekend for the day off, and those who are excited for all the SALES. Of course, both are great, but right now Forever 21 is having a BOGO sale, and it’s not something you should be sleeping on. Yes, sleeping in is probably a big priority for this extended weekend, but this sale is just too good to miss!

On select sale items, you can buy one and get another one for FREE. Yes, that’s right — two for the price of one. While the first-ever Etsy sale is exciting, as are the many Labor Day Weekend beauty sales taking place, this Forever 21 BOGO (that’s buy-one-get-one) sale might take the cake, because the company is basically handing out awesome clothes and accessories.

Here are 10 things from the sale, of which you can buy TWO for the price of the more expensive item, because…Labor Day.

1 “Hello My Handle Is” Patch Cap

This hat is on sale for $5.99 and it’s both cute AND funny.

2 Contemporary Paisley Maxi Skirt

At only $19.53, this skirt is a STEAL. It’s so cute, and a perfect transitional summer-to-fall look.

3 Faux Leather Ankle Booties

Booties are essential for fall, and these are only $23.99.

4 Nightwalker Cutout Maxi Dress

This one’s a little pricier, at $76.99, but it’s adorable and you’ll be getting another item for that price with today’s sale!

5 Snap Button Varsity Jacket


Nothing says back-to-school like a varsity jacket. This one’s super cute, and it’s only $19.92.

6 Front-Button Shirt

This one’s a staple. Find it for $12.53.

7 Plus-Size Sheer Mesh Dress

This baby blue is a perfect color, and the dress is perfect for anyone who wants to show skin in an on-trend way. It’s online for $12.99.

8 Satin-Trim Flounce Dress

This dress could double as the dancing-lady-emoji dress, and be a Halloween costume, too! Find it now for $36.

9 Burger & Fries Print PJ Top

The PJ part is optional, because this should probably be worn outside of the home. Right now it’s $11.99.

10 Neon Mesh Eco Tote Bag

This bag paired with neon green lipstick would be a showstopper. Buy it for $5.52.

The sale ends tonight, so text all your friends and make sure they wake up from their LDW naps for it! Enjoy.