Dita Von Teese Greets Fans In Sydney
Credit: El Pics/Getty Images

Fall weather is finally here, and for so many of us that means it’s time to update our sweater and cardigan collection. The cooler weather means we get to cuddle up with oversized sweaters, but there are some elegant ways to update your wardrobe, too — and we’ve found the perfect one to add to your closet.

Just in time, Dita Von Teese’s cardigan collaboration with Wheels & Dollbaby has released another color to their popular line and we’re already obsessed.

The long-running collaboration started 12 years ago when Wheels & Dollbaby designer and founder Melanie Greensmith first met Teese.

Credit: Donato Sardella/WireImage for Tourism Australia

Since then, the pair have teamed up on many cardigan designs, all in different colors and all limited editions.

They’ve become quite the collector’s item for fans of the clothing company and Teese’s and they just announced the latest colorway for the line — SILVER!

The new cardigan is in line with the rest of the collection featuring the same gorgeous flower pattern running down each side and a little bow at the collar.

The company hasn’t announced when we can make this cardigan ours, but we’re told to “stay tuned” and we are!