Gabriela Herstik
December 05, 2017 11:11 am
Anna Buckley / HelloGiggles

Is there anything better than someone who really gets you and shows it by getting you a gift that you truly love? Though shopping for loved ones can be stressful, it doesn’t have to be. Yet, where do you start when you love someone and want to show them just how much? You start at the cosmos. Each zodiac sign is ruled by an element, and we’ve rounded up the best zodiac gifts for the earth sign in your life. The Capricorns, Tauruses, and Virgos in your life are a special bunch who deserve gifts just as special. And thankfully, we know just what’s on their list. If you’ve been looking for the perfect corkscrew for the quirky friend you can’t help but love, or a crystal to help your earthy friend really grow their roots, we’ve got your back.

What’s more earth sign than the earth herself? This gift guide is packed full of zodiac gifts and trinkets that will help bring the earth and her magic to your everyday life. Palo Santo, teas, and accessories all themed around the idea of growth and grounding make up this list of holiday treats. So get digging, because we’ll help you find something for every earth sign on your list.

1Urban Outfitters “DOIY Design Insectum Corkscrew,” $24.50

Urban Outfitters

You know what comes from fruit? Wine. You know where fruit comes from? The earth. Wanna know what else comes from the earth? Bugs! Aka this is pretty much the perfect corkscrew we needed like yesterday.

2Amazon “Palo Santo 5 Pieces,” $5.99


Burning Palo Santo can help cleanse and clear the energy of a room or person. Earth signs are all about their homes, but sometimes that environment needs some energetic TLC. Palo Santo will help a home be as high-vibe as it can be. Read our guide to smoke cleansing here.

3Urban Outfitters “Tyler Triceratops Planter,” $16.00

Urban Outfitters

We’re really happy to see that plants are having a moment, especially because we get cute dinosaur-themed products like this. If your favorite earth sign is obsessed with succulents, this will be a welcome new addition to their home.

4Hauswitch “Reiki Charged Herbal Teas,” $3 – $11


Everyone loves tea, right? Well tea is totally the domain of the earth, and these reiki-charged teas are infused with healing energy. Plus, they come in a variety of delicious flavors. You can even turn drinking tea into a ritual, enjoying the grounding and calming properties of the beverage while you sip it.

5Rock N Rose “CAMILLA Snake Crown,” $81.40

Rock N Rose

Whether you’re channeling your inner Medusa or Lilith, or simply wanting to feel like queen of the earth, this crown is a show-stopping addition to any wardrobe. Especially appropriate for an earth sign, this accessory makes a statement with an elegant and slithering twist.

6Urban Outfitters “Hands Incense Holder Set,” $20.00

Urban Outfitters

This incense holder is the minimalist Midas-touched piece of our dreams. Simple, elegant and just decadent enough for your favorite earth sign, pair this with some incense for the ultimate new age babe gift.

7Free People “Technicolor iPhone Case,” $28.00

Free People

For those of us who are glued to our phones, a cool phone case is a must. We’re partial to this series of earth-inspired cases that add a sense of surrealism to our iPhones. Pair it with some gold ear buds for a tech chic present.

8World Market “White Speckled Ceramic Pour Over Coffee Mug Set,” $16.99

World Market

Earth is the domain of the home, and that means housewares are a must for every earth sign on your list. We love this white and tan speckled mug pour-over coffee set. This would make for the cutest breakfast in bed, not to mention the perfect Instagram photo.

9Burke & Hare Co “Crystal Element Pillar Candle,” $18

Burke & Hare Co

There’s no such thing as too many candles, and this is especially true of Burke & Hare Co candles. We love this element pillar style, with the flower and sacred geometry print. Whether this lives on your altar or you coffee table, it’s sure to add some magick to your space.

10Hi Wildflower “Dianthus Lipstick,” $27

Hi Wildflower

Hi Wildflower makes all their perfumes and cosmetics from natural ingredients, which is totally up the earth sign’s alley. Plus, these lipsticks are inspired by wildflowers, which makes them even better. We love this rich red shade, especially because everyone could use a nice red lipstick.

11World Market “Royal Indian Elephant Ceramic Cookie Jar,” $14.99

World Market

This cookie jar makes us appreciate our sweet tooth, which is saying something. In addition, these bright and happy colors are sure to inspire an earth sign’s home decor. Store some organic cookies in here to light up their life.

12Hauswitch “Spanish Moss Candle,” $20.00


Candles can help transform the energy of a space, thanks to their scent and cozy flame. We love this hand-poured soy wax candle that smells like Spanish Moss. What’s more earth than making your home smell like the earth?

13“Modern Petite 2017-2018 Planner,” $24.00


Grounded earth signs are all about planning, which is why we love this minimalist and millennial pink agenda. Perfect for when you have a million ideas and things to do, but also need to maintain structure. Plus this rose gold style is très chic!

14Natural Magics “Carnelian Egg,” $24

Etsy/ Natural Magics Shop

Carnelian is a stone that stimulates creativity while connecting us with our sacral chakra, the energy center that rules over our stability, confidence, and sexual freedom. Not only will this egg help call in some extra grounding and confidence, it also looks beautiful and is the perfect addition to a bedside altar.

15The Flowerchild Bruja “In Rainbows, Lavender And Red Rose Petal Smudge Stick,” $21.21

Etsy/ The Flowerchild Bruja

Let lavender calm your senses while rose guides you to live from a place of love. These smudge sticks will help set the tone of your earth sign’s home, inviting in healing and beauty. With this calming and aromatic fragrance, home really is where the heart is.

16Mercury Hour “Rose Pentagram Necklace,” $115

Mercury Hour

A pentagram, or a five-pointed star, represents each of the elements, plus spirit. This rose version also emphasizes the element of earth. Perfect for the witch or mystic in your life, we wouldn’t ever take this necklace off.

17Crystal Cactus, “Elemental Energy,” $32.99

Crystal Cactus

Sticking with the theme of the elements, this beautiful coffee table book is sure to inspire some magick. Learn the basics of gemstone and crystal rituals, and help your favorite earth sign do the same. Plus, this is just beautiful to look at!