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Updated Feb 28, 2018 @ 12:47 pm
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Credit: American Eagle

For many of us, the term “comfortable bra” is an oxymoron. And finding one that lifts, separates, and supports without digging, rubbing, and pinching is nearly impossible. But some Real Simple editors swear they’ve found the most comfortable bra, ever. These are the bras they can wear for 18 hours a day without chafing. Some are even comfortable enough to sleep in (not that you’d want to, of course). Ready to ditch your current brassiere for something a little cozier? Consult our editor-approved picks, below, then pair them with underwear that’s equally cozy.

1Gap Seamless Racerback Bralette

Credit: Gap

“It’s so comfy, I wear it to yoga, but it offers enough support to wear during the day, too. It’s even easy to breastfeed in!”—Dawn Perry, food director

To buy: From $16;

2Aerie Tomgirl Bralette

Credit: American Eagle

“I stopped wearing “real bras” in high school because I hate the structured feel of underwire, but sometimes it can be hard to find bralettes for day-to-day wear that aren’t covered in lace. Lately, I’m obsessed with this American Eagle knockoff of the Calvin Klein-esque look. The fabric is unbelievably soft (like wearing pajamas all day!), but the thick band on the bottom makes it very supportive despite the no-cups and no-wires.”—Nora Horvath, editorial assistant

To buy: $25;

3Sunnie Full Coverage Lightly Lined Bra

Credit: American Eagle

“On the days that I’m not wearing this magical bra, I opt for Aerie’s Sunnie. It’s lightly lined, provides a subtle lift, and has underwire support, which is great for a larger bust. What makes this bra stand out, though, is it’s comfort. It’s made with nylon and elastane, but you’d think it was silk because of how soft it is. It’s a steal at under $40.”—Brandi Broxson, articles editor

To buy: $40;

4Nursing Sleep Bralette

Credit: Target

“I was always a VS demi-cup person pre-pregnancy, but the underwire just got more and more uncomfortable as my ribcage expanded, so I switched to just a soft barely-there bralette thing from American Apparel. After the baby came, I got one of these very soft nursing sleep bras from Target, and it is so comfy. I don’t think I’ll ever use an underwire again! (Big caveat: I have nothing going on up top so need very little support. Even while breastfeeding! Sad but also glad?)”—Anna Maltby, deputy editor

To buy: $17;

5Chantelle Merci Underwire T-Shirt Bra

Credit: Nordstrom

“Hands down the best bra brand for bustier women, in my opinion, is Chantelle Intimates. The French lingerie company’s bras provide great shaping and support, with thick straps, comfy fabrics and lace, and unobtrusive seams and wires. I can wear them all day and night and not feel any aches in my shoulders and back. But more importantly, they’re beautiful to wear, and they last over time with diligent hand-washing (because I invest good money in my bras, I also invest in a special hand-washing detergent called Soak that is so easy to use you’ll have no excuse not to hand wash)! I love the Merci t-shirt bra and the Le Marais demi.”—Libby Sile, features editor

To buy: $74;

6Petunia Passion Contour Balconette Bra

Credit: Shopbop

“Heidi Klum knows sexy, but when I put this bra on, I discovered that she knows comfort, too. I mean, yes, this bra is beautiful but it feels really good on. I discovered it while bra shopping after I was finally finished breastfeeding my second kid. I was ready for a bra that made me feel like myself, not just a nursing mom (if you’ve been there, you know exactly what I mean), and I’ve been hooked on it ever since. In fact, it’s the one bra I don’t rip off the minute I get home from work. I own it in multiple colors, although my husband recently destroyed my hot pink one in the dryer so he owes me (no Chris, I haven’t forgotten!).”—Heather Morgan Shott, site director

To buy: $55;

7Live-In Pretty Unlined Bralette

Credit: Gap

“This is my absolute favorite bra ever. This bra is so comfortable, I barely even realize that I have it on. I’m a small C and and it gives me the coverage and the support that I need with zero bulk. The material is soft, the band is gentle, and while it doesn’t have any padding or cups, it still manages to keep me fully covered and confident in every shirt I wear.”—Rebecca Longshore, social media manager

To buy: $35;

8Hanes Seamless Comfy Support Wire Free Bra

Credit: Hanes

“I truly hate bras. In fact, I hate them so much that I try to wear one as little as possible. (My mother would be so embarrassed to know that!) Which is why when I found this one, my whole mindset on bras changed. It has the comfort of those starter bras you had in middle school, but with just enough support to keep you looking pulled together. There are no wires and no stiffness either, which a lot of other wireless bras seem to have. In my opinion, it’s the perfect everyday bra.”—Chelsea Traber Burns, beauty editor

To buy: $13;

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