Pia Velasco
January 29, 2020 10:34 am
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It’s 2020, and we’re no longer closing an eye to the problem that is global warming. More and more we’re seeing public figures like Greta Thunberg and Leonardo DiCaprio influence environmental policies and even our IG feeds (yes, environmental sustainability is getting all the “likes”). With that in mind it makes sense the fashion brands that have taken major steps towards creating pieces with sustainability in mind, like Reformation, Everlane, and Girlfriend Collective, are seeing massive success. The brands are incorporating cool pieces that are made from recycled materials, don’t use as much water as their competitors, and use clean energy—so dope. And as awesome as that sounds, sustainable footwear isn’t nearly as prevalent as sustainable clothing is, but Brazilian brand Cariuma is changing that. What’s more, its sneakers are incredibly comfortable.

Below, eight Cariuma’s IBI sneakers, so you can visualize how they’ll look in your closet.

1Cariuma IBI sneaker in Rose

Courtesy of Cariuma

Put a pep in your step with this girly kick.

2Cariuma IBI sneaker in Sand

Courtesy of Cariuma

Sandy beige is the neutral that goes with everything in your closet.

3Cariuma IBI sneaker in Mineral Blue

Courtesy of Cariuma

I’m blue, da ba dee da ba dai—you know how it goes.

4Cariuma IBI sneaker in Sun Yellow

Courtesy of Cariuma

Brighten up your wardrobe with sunny sneakers that are sure to put a smile on everybody’s face.

5Cariuma IBI sneaker in Off White

Courtesy of Cariuma

White sneakers are a must-have in everybody’s wardrobe, so if you’re going to buy a pair, they may as well be eco-friendly.

6Cariuma IBI sneaker in Raw Red

Courtesy of Cariuma

Add a pop of color to your wardrobe with these bold red sneakers.

7Cariuma IBI sneaker in Stone Grey

Courtesy of Cariuma

This grey knit print is begging to be taken out to Sunday brunch with your friends.

8Cariuma IBI sneaker in Black

Courtesy of Cariuma

A black sneaker is always a good addition to any laid-back outfit.