August 02, 2017 2:58 pm
Bare Necessities / Torrid

The bigger the boobs, the bigger the struggle.

Finding a bra that’s equal parts functional and fun to wear is easier said than done. Want a strapless bra for big boobs that stays in place? A bralette for big boobs? Or a curve-friendly bra that doesn’t skimp on the sex appeal? It takes a little hunting.

The world of sports bras are even more trial and error. Some styles offer tons of support at the cost of chafe-inducing rigidity, while others are super cute but do nothing for “the girls” when you’re a mile into a long distance run. Who wants to feel the twinge of back pain and soreness when you’re trying to get your Zumba on?

We rounded up some of the best sports bras that will endure a kick boxing class, a morning run, a Zumba class, yoga, and cardio on cardio on cardio. Give skimpy little sports bras the boot — these babies are the real thing.

1Nike Hero High Support Bra, $75

2 Champion MAX High Support Front-Close Bra, $26.99

3 Lunaire High Impact Bra, $40

This one’s got a cool lining to wick away moisture. Niiice.

4 Glamorise No Bounce Wirefree Cami Bra, $29.99

5Brooks Maia Bra, $58

Three words — gel. padded. straps.

6 Glamorise High Impact Underwire Bra, $49.99

7 Enell High Impact Sports Bra, $60

There’s a reason this sports bra has nearly 1500 Amazon reviews. User David Stout wrote, “If you are working out hard and don’t want to think about your boobs, this is the bra for you.” Sounds like perfection.

8 Torrid Underwire Sports Bra, $54.90

Proof that a curve-friendly sports bra can be cute, too.

9 Freya Molded Sports Bra, $69

10 Curvy Couture Ultimate Fit Underwire Sports Bra, $68

Added bonus— you can crisscross the straps for even more support.

11 Le Mystere Hi-Impact Sports Bra, $62

12 Glamorise Motion Maximum Control Wire-free Bra, $42.75

Sorry boob sweat, this breathable mesh is here to kick your butt.

13 Anita Air Control Padded Cup Bra, $79

Treat the girls to a little “pick me up,” they deserve it!