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Credit: Topshop

You know the level of petty when someone texts you something rude and they use the wrong form of your/you’re and all you do is text them back and correct them, because that’s the grown-up version of “nah nah nah nah!”? Well that’s pretty much how we feel about this Topshop tee that almost got it right. Called the “It’s Not Me Slash Tee,” Nordstrom’s Topshop shirt features a sweet pink hue, a slashed collar on one side and an embroidered quote that reads “Its not you its me.” Close, but no cigar. Without the apostrophe before the s in either “its,” the word becomes possessive which doesn’t make sense in this case! It should be “It’s not you it’s me”

Credit: Nordstrom

The weird part is that Nordstrom noticed the mistake because they named the product with the right apostrophes. But, the name of the product doesn’t actually match the quote ON the product. We have a few questions about the shirt, like how did no one notice the mistake? Is it an aesthetic choice? Are apostrophes so last season? The tee itself is cute, and the description is even cuter. According to the site, it reads, “Let him down easy with this relaxed tee made with a neckline that’s slashed on one side and quickly ends the conversation on the other.” But would this really end the conversation or just beckon more since there’s a typo there?

Credit: Nordstrom

Hopefully this doesn’t happen again! At least it would be an easy DIY fix, right?