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March 10, 2017 10:30 am

From trying to be a normal Sunnydale high student to juggling college and destiny, Buffy Anne Summers saved the world…a lot. Not only that, the TV show Buffy the Vampire Slayer proved you could kick vampire ass and STILL have time to shop at the mall. Buffy’s journey as the Chosen One began 20 years ago, on March 10th, 1997, and lasted for seven seasons — all filled with that late ’90s/early aughts-style we’ve seen return as fashion trends today.

Buffy was not only stylish, she was incredibly strong. The flip in roles was a major component of the Girl Power movement in the ’90s.

Though we probably aren’t getting a Buffy reboot anytime soon, you can still have fun rewatching the series for the 400th time! Buffy was played Sarah Michelle Gellar, who is still a gorgeous badass IRL. Instead of skewering vamps, she spends her time skewering fruit for her two kids with hubby Freddie Prinze Jr. Our romantic ’90s hearts are melting.

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While the fictional small town Sunnydale was a little outside of Los Angeles, it didn’t mean that there was any lack of fashion sense. Throughout the duration of the show, Buffy’s look teetered between wholesome schoolgirl, sexy slayer, and business babe.

Though fans may remember her wardrobe often bore neutrals, Buffy actually wore a variety of colors.  From sweater sets and tanks to even the occasional sundress, The Slayer wore her fair share of pastels — especially green and lavender.  While the original show used high-end brands like Prada, a lot of the same styles can be found secondhand in thrift stores or online.

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In honor of the show’s 20th anniversary, here is a look back at some iconic Buffy outfit pieces with tips on how you can recreate them for yourself!

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1The Sunglasses

Buffy wore oval frames, and this ’60s retro style was totally en vogue during the ’90s!

Crap Women’s Sunglasses, $56-$60

CRAP Eyewear

2Hoop Earrings and Cross Necklaces

Warner Brothers

Silver Hoop Earrings, $4.99


Buffy LOVED her silver hoop earrings. She wears them throughout all seven seasons!

Silver-Tone Double Cross Necklace, $29


While the large cross is is an obvious choice when channeling The Slayer, she actually often wore smaller layered necklaces!

To complete the look above, match a graphic tee to a pair of Ralph Lauren Metallic Gold Pants, $44.99


Bonus points: These pants have loads of stretch for all your zen meditative needs, no incense required!

3Pastel Tank Tops

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Forever 21 Metallic Lavender Tank, $8.99

Forever 21

Obviously, you definitely need a butterfly clip to complete any ’90s lewk. Amazon has them by the hundreds for only $11.99!


We may have just ordered…a lot.

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4Cardigan Sweaters

Credit: John Fagerness / Contributor / Getty Images

Summers may look sweet in her sweaters, but she still beat death twice and stopped Armageddon!

Crew Neck Cardigan in Opaline Green, $8.78


You can find ’90s sets secondhand like this perfect Mint Sweater Set, $28


Sites like Poshmark and eBay are a treasure trove of ’90s style! You might also have luck scouring thrift and vintage stores. Yes, the ’90s are now vintage — so bizarre!

5The Jackets!

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The Slayer often spent nights hunting vampires, and cemeteries get cold! Buffy wore a slew of different jackets and coats. This summer, Hot Topic will carry a special-edition red vegan leather Buffy trench. We can’t wait!

Leather Double Peplum Jacket, $128


Buffy always layers her tough moto jackets over soft pastel tops, which says volumes about her character! Tough on the outside, sweet on the inside!

Classic Short Trench, $59.99

Old Pueblo Traders

We have no idea how The Slayer kept her powder blue coat so clean. Her mom Joyce must have been doing laundry nonstop!

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6The Boots!

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Square toe boots were definitely Buffy’s shoe of choice. She could patrol, run, and fight in them! She often wore leather or suede knee-length boots in brown or black. The ’90s were all about the square toe and chunky heel!

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Impa Ona Boots, $49.94


Taupe Square Toe Boots, $20.49

Charlotte Russe

If you want really squared-off toes and super chunky heels, secondhand is the way to go! Pair them with bootleg pants or a cute mini skirt just like B!

No Buffy look would be complete without makeup! A brown lipstick or nude gloss with tons of mascara, and eyeliner if you are hitting the bronze!

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Now that you are channeling Buffy head to toe, follow the hashtag #BuffySlays20 on social media to relive all of your favorite moments from the series!