Ashley Rey
March 25, 2017 12:37 pm
Jill Tindall / Getty Images

Social media is adding a whole new level of convenience to our lives, and we’re excited for the changes. It’s just been announced that an Instagram update will make booking an appointment a lot easier — straight from business profiles.

Admiring Kim Kardashian’s new lob and color? Book an appointment with her stylist. Or, dying to try that lobster mac and cheese that Chrissy Teigen was just raving about? Book a reservation at the restaurant. Living life like our favorite influencers will become more attainable in the coming months. And we’re sensing all positive vibes.

The app’s head of business James Quarles sat down with Bloomberg to share some of the deets, and it sounds pretty cool.

Hair, appointment, nail appointment — you name it, you can book it!

Not only will the update help advertisers measure their consumer impact on the app better, but the new function will also force users to put their money — or likes — where their mouths are.

The new update will allow us users to act on instinct as soon as we see something we like. And what can get more convenient than that?

No more complaining about new updates from us. Because this is totally one we can get behind.