Bronwyn Isaac
June 23, 2017 3:49 pm

Most shapewear comes in a variety of boring and constricting nude shades, and looks and feels like a secret. But it doesn’t have to be that way. The body positive shapewear brand Jewel Toned¬†has broken the mold of bone-crushing nude with their line of light compression shapewear that’s meant to be cute, comfortable, and worn either under clothes or solo.

Jewel Toned boasts a line of bodycon dresses that can be worn as shapewear or as a statement look on their own. They also have full bodysuits, biker shorts, mini skirt slips, as well as a stylish line of bras, bralettes, and undies.

Besides being totally body positive, all of the pieces are fairly affordable, ranging between $12 and $52.

Now you can let your shapewear be an accent piece, instead of tucking it away into obscurity.

Plus, being able to breathe is a dealmaker.

The bra and panty sets look just as comfortable and fashion forward.

Having versatile shapewear options is especially useful in the summer¬†when we don’t have the time, energy, or need for six layers.

You can shop the full collection at the Jewel Toned website.

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