Stephanie Hallett
January 27, 2017 4:23 pm
American Giant

So! Donald Trump’s counselor — and purveyor of “alternative facts” — Kellyanne Conway recently spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about her ~iconic~ Inauguration Day outfit, and BOY did she have some thoughts — involving black stretch pants, no less!

Before we get to the stretch pants, a little refresher on Conway’s now-infamous coat. You know the one: It resembled Paddington Bear’s blue overcoat, or Napoleon’s battle suit, or even the New England Patriots logo. Ring a bell?

Getty Images/The Washington Post

Well, her response to criticism of said coat was as follows:

The “black-stretch-pants women of America,” you guys! Is that not literally every single woman from age 0 to (probably) Adele Dunlap, who is 114 years young and the oldest living person in America!?

Clearly Kellyanne missed the memo about how athleisure is the most lasting trend since skinny jeans, or how GD comfortable black stretch pants are in every single life circumstance. Because we’re pretty sure if she knew our ~little secret~ she would’ve worn a pair of these puppies to the inauguration.

In the spirit of generosity, we put together this shoppable list of black stretch pants for our pal KC. Readers, you should feel very free to shop it, too.

American Giant “The Pant”

American Giant

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VS Pink “Lounge Leggings”

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Old Navy “Plus Jersey Leggings”

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Lululemon “Wunder Under Pant”


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Nike “Leg-A-See Logo Leggings”


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Charlotte Russe “Plus Size High-Rise Liquid Leggings”

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adidas Originals “3 Stripes Legging”

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Hue “Plus-Size Velvet Leggings”


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Athleta “High Rise Cut Out Chaturanga Tight”


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Under Armour “Downtown Knit Jogger Pants”

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