Alyssa Thorne
Updated Nov 17, 2016 @ 4:16 pm
Black Friday 2016 Sale Calendar Date, November 25
Credit: YinYang/ Getty Images

We’re so close to the holiday season we can almost taste the stuffing and ‘nog. But one little quirk of Thanksgiving is the day that comes after — Black Friday, when people think it’s worth it to camp out for hours or even days to get a good deal on the newest technological device or clothing they’ve been eying for ages. While Black Friday deals can be unparalleled, the way people act while out Black Friday shopping is usually what makes headlines. We’ve read about people getting trampled, fights breaking out, and certainly it’s the most stressful day of the year for retail workers.

But we’ve collected a few stories that are a little more funny than they are horrifying for your reading pleasure… although it make make you reconsider Black Friday shopping in the future, yikes.

1. This tale of heroism over a Xbox.

Reddit user Ruckus55 treated us to a wild ride from start to finish. You go, Reddit user Ruckus55.

2. This couple who just really wanted… towels?

We’ve ready so many stories of people getting into fights and getting trampled, so this one from Linman72T brought us a special kind of joy.

3. This Black Friday Burglar who deserves his own movie, for SURE.

This really isn’t relevant to the Black Friday sales (just the day), it’s just so good. We couldn’t pass up Hereforthefreecake’s story.

4. This TRULY terrifying level of dedication one person waiting in line showed we wish they hadn’t.

We hope Dave_versus_volcano is okay after this ordeal. We probably wouldn’t be.

5. This Black Friday bargain slash getaway vehicle.

Clearly KnowMatter’s Black Friday story deserves it’s own movie as well.