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You can find some pretty weird stuff at thrift shops. Like the Macklemore song tells us, you can buy a broken keyboard, a ski blanket, AND a kneeboard.

Recently Twitter found some things in their local thrift shops that were so deeply bizarre, we think Macklemore might need to write a sequel song.

Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society, we call this story “One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s Genius Thrift Store Twitter Post.

Like, here’s an example. If you really miss Obama, you can wear…. uh, tiny Obama head flip flops?

Speaking of shoes, if you suspect yours are in need of protection, you can purchase this Shoe Guard Iguana.

Did you want to learn how to program a computer in 1988?

Oh, and on the subject of required reading for all humanity…

Seriously, you could build a library from these thrift store finds.

The strangest library in recorded history.

Have you been feeling like your screams skew a little mediocre? false

Remember last week when you said “You know, I like my vacuum cleaner okay, I just wish it looked more like a creepy doll,” remember when you said that?

Thrift shops have creepy dolls for dayzzzzzzzzz.

And here’s some sparkling fairy dust, in case you just ran out false

Thrift shops, you are the weirdest, thrift shops, you are the greatest.